Denture Stabilisation Clinic

As the single most effective treatment for ill fitting and loose dentures, dental implants will provide you with the healthy, attractive and long-term solution that makes your dentures feel more secure.

Combining the expert knowledge of our Implant Dentists and the technical know-how of the Changing Faces® Clinical Dental Technicians, what we offer is an exciting collaboration that improves the service and level of care you experience as a denture wearer.

  • Joint consultation with an Implant Dentist and a Clinical Dental Technician*
  • Receive your treatment from two highly experienced and expert dental professionals
  • Get the next generation denture teeth made from highly durable and natural looking materials
  • Achieve a bite comparable to your own natural teeth

*The Implant Surgeon is responsible for prescribing the treatment and treatment planning. Your Clinical Dental Technician will work to this prescription.

The minimum standard of care we promote at our denture stabilisation clinics is two dental implants in your lower jaw which are proven to significantly help overcome the social and physical limitations experienced by complete denture wearers by making your dentures more secure.

Locator attachments with two dental implants used to stabilise a Changing Faces® lower denture. The amount of retention can be adjusted

Bar attachment used to span two dental implants to stabilise a Changing Faces® lower denture

Fixed bar with Locator attachments used with four dental implants to stabilise a Changing Faces® lower denture.

Fixed teeth - Changing Faces® teeth converted to a 'fixed bridge' secured to a minimum of four dental implants.

Exceptional standards

Every Implant Dentist with whom we work shares the Changing Faces® vision and is dedicated to providing an exceptional level of care. In this way, we are creating state-of-the-art dental stabilisation clinics in select locations across the UK.

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