Changing Faces® Chesterfield Denture Stabilisation Clinic

We are able to offer patients the latest technology and techniques in using dental implants to stabilise dentures. You'll find our denture stabilisation facility situated in the Aspire Dental Clinic. Our Implant Dentist, General dentist (Giles Saxon), and Clinical Dental Technician (Mark Tinker) work together to ensure patients receive the very best denture stabilisation innovations. Through working together they are able to offer patients the very latest in denture stabilisation techniques and can offer a viable alternative to unstable dentures and unhealthy teeth through using dental implants. A minimum number of dental implants need to be placed in either the upper (four implants) or lower (two implants) jawbone, and are used to firmly anchor a full arch of replacement teeth in place. Lower dentures usually require fewer implants for stabilisation, while upper dentures will often require more implants to support a full arch of replacement artificial teeth. The exact number is determined by a clinical examination and digital dental treatment planning often utilising a combination of X-rays and CT scans. This enables patients to benefit from precisely placed implants, giving a more predictable outcome.

Patients benefit from:

  • A dedicated team who are an Implant Dentist, General Dentist Giles Saxon, and Changing Faces® experienced and talented denture professional Mark Tinker.
  • A team approach to treatment planning.
  • State-of-the-art dental facility.
  • Technologically advanced denture teeth made from durable materials to give a natural appearance.

Options for Replacing Unhealthy Teeth and Stabilising Loose Dentures

Implant Assisted Dentures

Complete sets of implant assisted dentures can be firmly attached to the jaw using as few as two implants within the lower jaw, and four in the upper jaw. The advantages of having implant assisted dentures include:

  • Dentures fit securely onto the implants located in the jawbone, giving a long lasting and stable solution to loose dentures.
  • Upper dentures can be more comfortable as implant assisted dentures don't need to cover the palate for extra retention.
  • The bite strength of implant assisted teeth is similar to that of natural teeth, as are the comfort levels.
  • Implant assisted teeth could enable you to eat a broader range of foods. Patients with upper implant assisted dentures will be more able to taste food due to the smaller denture base.
  • Your diet will be more varied and enjoyable, and your overall health could improve due to better nutrition.

Permanently Fixed Teeth

Implant assisted or supported dentures need to be removed for cleaning each night. In contrast permanent fixed teeth are held in position through the use of dental implants and can only be removed by your dentist. There are several distinct advantages in choosing this system over removable full dentures. Changing Faces® uses a technique called Same Day Teeth that means implants and replacement teeth can normally be fitted within a single day. This technique is also referred to by several different names including All-on-4™, Teeth in a Day, or Same Day Smiles. A full arch of teeth is fixed onto four or six dental implants, and our experienced dental team collaborate closely on such cases to ensure patients finish the day with a new set of teeth. Advantages of permanently fixed teeth include:

  • Teeth which feel as similar as possible to natural teeth, and which can be cared for in much the same way. There is no need to remove permanently fixed teeth at night for cleaning and sleeping.
  • Improved chewing and biting capacity will give you access to a greater number of foods.
  • Your palate will no longer be covered with an upper denture so you'll find it easier to speak and to taste foods, and you’ll experience improved levels of comfort.
  • Initial treatment of placing the dental implants and a temporary arch of teeth can be completed within the same day.*

*The Implant Dentist is responsible for prescribing the treatment and treatment planning. Once the dental implants have fully integrated and healed within the jawbone then a permanent arch of teeth can be fitted between three and six months later.


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