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Clinical Dental Technician Stuart Gibson manages the South Cheshire Changing Faces® Denture Clinic, which is sited within Victoria Street Dental Practice, a large state-of-the-art practice conveniently located on St Pauls Street in Crewe. Stuart began his life as a Clinical Dental Technician in Stoke on Trent in 1986, at the age of 16. He completed his ‘Time served’ apprenticeship and covered all aspects of dental technology, being fortunate to gain skills from the many talented tutors involved in his initial education. In 1994, at the age of 23, Stuart decided to set up his own dental laboratory, Gibson’s Dental Laboratory, and for the last 20 years he has built up an established and well-respected laboratory that serves 60+ dentists in the South Cheshire and North Staffordshire area.

Stuart Gibson

Stuart is renowned for his work ethic and has a keen eye for reproducing the most natural looking dentures possible. He is dedicated to his postgraduate education and is currently studying for his diploma in Dental Technology at the University of Central Lancashire, a course that has given Stuart the extra skills to treat patients directly.

Working closely with experienced implant dentists, Stuart can help patients who have worries about dentures that come loose when they chew, laugh and cough. This is an area of particular interest to Stuart, as far too often they have seen the issues and problems faced by complete denture wearers – in particular the loss of enjoyment of food, sore spots and discomfort. Patients who have had bad dental experiences, or are anxious about treatment, will find that Stuart’s calm and understanding approach will quickly put them at ease. Stuart’s dentures are produced personally by him and are hand-made avoiding the ‘false teeth’ production line look suffered by far too many denture patients.

For those patients troubled by loose and missing teeth plus uncomfortable dentures, our experienced Implant Dentist is on hand to offer treatment and advice. The aim of our Changing Faces® Implant Dentists is to help new patients smile confidently and chew comfortably.

If you have loose teeth, dentures that don’t work and a smile that embarrasses you, and your desire is to chew comfortably and look younger with a healthy smile, then a consultation with Stuart and our experienced Implant Dentists can help you take the first steps you need to achieve incredible looking dentures. If you choose, the use of dental implants can provide stability, optimal chewing efficiency and comfort.

Whether you have no teeth or are about to lose your remaining teeth, another option is to have your full dentures customised into non-removable fixed teeth which are securely attached to your jawbones by implants in the form of a metal reinforced acrylic bridge. This life changing “Same Day Teeth” or “Same Day Smile” process restores your smile as closely as possible to its natural state.

Stuart offers free denture evaluations and consultations giving new patients the chance to discuss their denture problems and what can be done to solve them. Changing Faces® also offers patients free implant consultations.


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