Denture Stabilisation Clinic

Innovative solutions for unstable dentures

Implant Dentist, Alastair McLeish, has been practicing at Endsleigh Dental Practice in Barnstable since 1994. For the last ten years he has been successfully placing dental implants on a regular basis. Alastair remains highly committed to his implant dentistry and is a member of the Association of Dental Implantology. By working with Clinical Dental Technician Andrew Taylor, Alastair offers denture wearers the chance to learn about dental implants and the numerous lifestyle benefits Changing Faces® implant retained dentures they can offer. Alastair and Andrew offer the most innovative solutions to stabilise loose dentures, involving as little as two dental implants. Changing Faces® implant retained dentures transfer bite forces to the jawbone bone, with no pain or pressure to the gums. Your ability to chew food will improve greatly. Also a less restricted and more varied diet will provide you with better nutritional value leaving you feeling healthier and happier.

Benefits include:

  • Joint consultation with an Implant Dentist* Alastair McLeish and Changing Faces® Clinical Dental Technician Andrew Taylor
  • Treatment by two highly experienced and expert dental professionals
  • Next generation denture teeth made from highly durable and natural looking biomaterials

*The Implant Dentist is responsible for prescribing the treatment and treatment planning.

Advantages of Changing Faces® implant retained dentures include:

  • A stable and secure fit of your dentures to your gums
  • Improved taste and speech with less denture base
  • A bite comparable to your own natural teeth
  • Restored chewing ability with greater enjoyment of food
  • Improved digestion and well being
  • Less denture base covering the roof of your mouth


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