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Andrew Taylor

Patients requiring the services of Changing Faces® in Cornwall are treated at our Devon clinic under the care of Andrew Taylor, who creates unique smiles with the most natural-looking dentures.

Our award-winning clinical dental technician Andrew Taylor works as part of a multidisciplinary team including experienced implant dentists. Together, they deliver truly exceptional levels of care and craftsmanship directly to our Cornwall patients.

Andrew is widely recognised as one of the South West’s leading clinical dental technicians with a passion for embracing new skills, techniques and materials to deliver the best products, service and patient care.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Andrew is one of the UK’s longest-serving and most experienced technicians. His extensive training includes postgraduate study with the prestigious George Brown College of Toronto, Canada.

He is the director of Zenith Dental Laboratory - a centre of excellence for high-quality implant production.

Andrew’s has also won several prestigious awards including Best Multiple Implant at the National Aesthetic Dentistry Awards in 2016 and Outstanding Achievement award from George Brown College.

Andrew’s Devon clinic is a warm, welcoming and private treatment environment providing a full range of denture services under one roof.

At your complimentary consultation, Andrew will begin by discussing personal requirements and explaining the different denture types he can offer so that you can make an informed choice about your denture care.

Andrew is an expert in creating Changing Faces® dentures inspired by your age, personality and gender. This innovative approach offered by Changing Faces® Cornwall is called Denture Genics®.

Along with restoring your smile, Changing Faces® complete dentures with Denture Genics® also correct facial proportions of your face, adding volume, so you achieve a more natural, youthful look.

Appointments are available with our cosmetic dentistry team, offering comprehensive oral health checks to Changing Faces® patients wishing to have Changing Faces® partial dentures. Our team can design your partial dentures around a carefully prepared treatment plan to improve functionality and restore your natural smile.

Changing Faces® Cornwall also has access to the expert knowledge to provide you with a healthy, attractive and long-lasting solution for securing dentures. Stabilisation with implants is the most reliable way of securing dentures without the need for adhesive.

The team at Changing Faces® Cornwall will take time to explain all of your treatment options and ensure that you receive the best treatment for you.

When you attend a free consultation, you’ll find out more about the benefits of Changing Faces® dental implants and dentures and discover the difference Changing Faces® dentures could make for you.

You can be sure you'll leave Changing Faces® Cornwall with the confidence to smile again.


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