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Our lead Implant Dentist, Dr Robert Hayes, has been placing dental implants for over fifteen years and is an industry opinion leader, he also mentors and teaches other dentists. Combining his expertise with the skills of Jamie Wright, our Clinical Dental Technician, Dr Hayes maintains the highest possible standards for his patients. They are joined by Dr Pavandeep Khaira, implant dentist and bone-regeneration expert, and Dr Adarsh Thanki, a cosmetic dentist.

Our clinicians work together to offer patients a solution to loose dentures and loose or missing teeth. Patients can choose from two options for a set of solid stabilised teeth:

Implant-retained dentures, where customised dentures “click” onto implanted studs that hold them firmly in place and are removed for cleaning.

Permanent fixed teeth, where dental implants hold an arch of handcrafted teeth in place. For some patients, this treatment can be carried out in a single day often referred to as the Same Day Teeth procedure or All-on-4 implants.

Benefits of implant treatment:

  • Expert consultation with one of the Changing Faces Team that will be carrying out your treatment should you proceed.
  • Advice and treatment from highly qualified dental professionals.
  • Cutting-edge denture teeth made from natural-looking and durable bio-materials.

Changing Faces® dentures offer you:

  • A secure and stable fit between denture and gum.
  • Improvements to diet, digestion, and general well-being.
  • Clearer speech with less denture base covering the roof of the mouth.
  • Aesthetics and bite are comparable to your natural teeth.
  • Enjoyment of previously inedible foods with restored chewing ability.


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