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Andrew Taylor

Changing Faces® Denture Clinic in Devon is managed by Clinical Dental Technician Andrew Taylor. Prior to him joining Changing Faces® he managed a prestigious denture department of a large dental laboratory for more than 25 years. The skills he developed combined with his natural artistic flair enable him to create dentures with the upmost accuracy and finesse. Andrew is now a very well known and respected Clinical Dental Technician and works as an Opinion Leader for an international dental company lecturing on all aspects of denture provision. He is a graduate from the Canadian George Brown College's Denturist Program and the Royal College of Surgeons of England, achieving a Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology from both institutions.

His achievements allow him to undertake all clinical stages of denture provision and his extensive experience enables him to produce life like dentures that are very difficult to distinguish from real teeth. The complete dentures he creates are influenced by the patients age, personality and gender, an innovative approach only offered by Changing Faces® Denture Clinics called Denture Genics®.

While working for some of the UK's best dental surgeons, Andrew has developed a detailed knowledge of oral anatomy. Bringing a special focus on the anatomy lost due to total tooth loss, he is an expert in perfectly replicating lost oral structures in the dentures he creates and is able to fully restore your smile whilst revolumise your face. The Changing Faces® complete dentures he creates also offer a dual effect by correcting the proportions of your face, so you achieve a natural appearance and more youthful look.

He works as a Clinical Dental Technician at his Changing Faces® Denture Clinic within Barnstaple based Endsleigh Dental Practice. The practice offers a high standard of dentistry and shares the Changing Faces® vision of high quality denture care. Endsleigh Dental Practice's Implant Dentist, Alastair McLeish, works with Andrew sharing his interest in implant dentistry and the use of dental implants as a benefit to denture wearers. For partial denture wearers, the practice's Dentists are available to treat the causes of dental disease and tooth decay, undertaking comprehensive dental health checks to provide Andrew with the detailed information he needs to design partial dentures that improve function and perfectly restore a smile.

As well as his work with patients Andrew also manages his own personal dental laboratory serving a number of key dental clients from around the UK.

Changing Faces® dentures will give you the ability to eat well, whilst looking good and smiling more. Free consultations are available with Andrew for those patients interested in the benefits of Changing Faces® dentures, or to those wishing to learn more about the many benefits of dental implants and denture stabilisation.


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