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Teamwork and Experience

Lee Butler

The Changing Faces® denture stabilisation clinic based in Winchester gives patients the opportunity to find out about the many functional and lifestyle benefits provided by dental implants. By working alongside one another, Clinical Dental Technician Lee Butler and specialist oral surgeon Mr Sami Stagnell provide highly developed solutions to secure and stabilise loose dentures and replace unhealthy teeth using whole arches of bone-anchored implants.

Lee and Sami use digital treatment planning to make sure implant placement and treatment outcomes are precise and predictable.

The advantages include:

  • A combined consultation with Clinical Dental Technician Lee Butler and oral surgeon Mr Sami Stagnell*
  • Treatment performed by two vastly experienced dental experts
  • Next generation denture teeth manufactured from natural looking and highly durable biomaterials

*Sami Stagnell is responsible for the prescription of treatment planning and treatment procedure

Implant assisted dentures

We can fit complete dentures using as little as four implants in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw.

Advantages include:

  • Improved digestion and wellbeing resulting from better chewing function and diet
  • A secure and solid fit of dentures to gums – there’s no need for concerns about dentures slipping or becoming loose
  • Improvement in chewing ability, so you can enjoy more foods
  • Less denture base required, particularly in the upper jaw. This means less covering on the roof of your mouth and provides less bulk and greater comfort
  • A bite comparable to that of your natural teeth
  • Improvement in taste and speech, enhancing your quality of life
  • Permanent fixed teeth

Permanent fixed teeth

Permanent arches of hand-crafted teeth can be permanently placed in the mouth by being anchored to the jawbone with dental implants. This treatment is called Same Day Teeth. We use four to six dental implants to restore your upper and lower jaws with a precision arch of fixed teeth. Lee and Sami work together as a team, making it possible to carry out the procedure in one single day.

Advantages include:

  • Treatment can often be carried out in just one single day by anchoring the teeth to the implants soon after they are placed
  • You won’t need to wear a complete denture to be taken out at bedtime or for cleaning after meals
  • Chewing force is increased greatly so you can enjoy more foods
  • The new full arch of teeth will have a similar feel to natural teeth
  • Improved comfort and quality of taste as there’s no need for a plastic palate on the upper jaw
  • Food can be better tasted and you’ll be able to choose from a wider range of foods for healthier living


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