The Changing Faces® Philosophy

Become a Changing Faces® patient and you will benefit from the latest advances in denture techniques and the very best craftsmanship and care. More than this, we will give you total control over your appearance and help you reach an informed decision about your treatment.

Helping you find your smile again

Missing teeth should always be replaced because even the loss of a single tooth can lead to the loss of others and changes in facial appearance. Every smile we create or restore is individual and unique to each patient. With Changing Faces® dentures you will enjoy freedom and confidence to smile and laugh, every day. As well as helping you look younger by restoring sunken features around your mouth, lips and cheeks, the solution our denture experts create will help you feel more confident in your everyday life.

Creating dentures that look attractive and natural

As our patient, you will benefit from the undivided attention and creative expertise of the Changing Faces® Clinical Dental Technicians. Whether working to their own treatment plan, or a treatment plan supplied by a Dentist for partial dentures, by individually positioning your denture teeth and crafting the gum part of your denture, we can create a solution that is completely realistic. Working closely with the shape of your mouth and gums, we will make it appear as though your natural looking dentures have literally grown into place.

Designing your dentures to fit with your needs

Attractive teeth help us look our best and whether at home, at work, or socialising with friends, denture wearers should feel comfortable and self-assured. So to make your natural looking dentures, we really get to know you and how you live your life. It is our aim to create realistic true to life dentures that look like they have always been a part of you, making sure you feel good on the inside too.

Experts at what we do

The Changing Faces® expert team have made dentures for many years and we know everything there is to know about denture problems, including how to avoid them. Bringing together a unique combination of technical and clinical skills, we have established a reputation for excellence within the dental industry. It is our pleasure to be able to provide only the highest standards in denture quality and patient care.

Changing Faces® Clinical Dental Technicians are registered dental professionals who provide complete dentures direct to patients and other dental devices via a treatment plan from a Dentist. They are also qualified Dental Technicians. Patients with natural teeth or dental implants will need to see one of our Dentist colleagues before our Clinical Dental Technicians can begin treatment.

Changing Faces® core philosophies

  • Committed to providing you with dedicated patient-focused services
  • Providing the very best care, advice and treatment
  • Improving the way you look and feel, and your quality of life
  • Using only the highest quality denture materials
  • Listening carefully to what you want achieve
  • Understanding your individual needs and encouraging your input
  • Helping you make an informed choice about your treatment options
  • Working closely with you and the whole dental team to bring you the best results
  • Referring you to other dental professionals if necessary

New to wearing dentures?

Wearing dentures doesn't have to be an awkward experience. Rest assured that our denture experts will do everything they can to help you feel confident and relaxed. Experience Changing Faces® dentures and you'll never look back.

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