Why Choose Dental Implants?

A personal choice

Each of our patients has their own personal story of how they lost their natural teeth. For many, the transition from tooth loss to wearing dentures has been an emotional time. But research shows that complete dentures stabilised by as little as two dental implants in the lower jaw will significantly improve the quality of life of complete denture wearers, giving them renewed confidence to eat, smile and enjoy a better quality of life. Changing Faces® dentures retained with dental implants offer you a new feeling of comfort with a bite comparable to natural teeth.

Greater retention and stability

In many cases tooth loss can cause the jawbone to shrink. This can be made worse by the wear and tear of loose dentures (especially in the lower jaw). In fact, many of the patients we treat have experienced difficulty in keeping their lower denture secure. But with Changing ® Denture Stabilisation Clinics, more people can experience the stability and retention that helps them feel more secure.

Why dental implants will offer you greater stability

Dental implant technology will resolve the many problems experienced by denture wearers, offering the following advantages:

  • A reassuring, secure and harmonious fit of your denture with your gums
  • Improved speech and taste with less denture base
  • Comparable to natural teeth in function and appearance
  • No pressure points, sore spots – and no more tilting
  • Restored chewing ability, improved diet and overall health
  • Ends the cost, inconvenience and embarrassment of denture adhesives
  • Can prevent any further reduction of your jawbone

Dental implants transmit chewing forces evenly to your jawbone – just like your natural teeth once did. This process preserves the natural shape of your jaw. If this transmission of your chewing and biting force is absent, as with conventional dentures, then your jawbone will shrink. If your bone volume is not sufficient for dental implants, there are various methods our Implant Dentist can use to build up your jawbone and prepare it for the insertion of dental implants.


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