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Do you find that your dentures move and wobble about? Are your dentures loose and uncomfortable? By attending a free consultation, you can learn about the numerous benefits of dental implants and how they can help to secure your dentures in place. Our award winning team, Dentist Marcus Gambroudes and Clinical Dental Technician Marc Northover, offer innovative solutions to stabilise loose dentures or replace all your loose teeth.

Fantastic results with modern solutions

Changing Faces® Denture Stablisation Clinic in Solihull offers patients the dual benefit of both Marc and Marcus's skills and knowledge, as well as many years of experience in the field. The clinic provides patients with the very best care, modern solutions and two clinicians with one common goal – ultimate patient satisfaction.

  • Initial consultation with our award winning team Clinical Dental Technician Marc and Implant Dentist Marcus
  • Two well-established, highly respected professionals provide treatment
  • Modern and innovative next-generation materials deliver durable, aesthetically pleasing results
  • A unique combination of skills are on offer

Dental Implants: say farewell to loose dentures

Dental implants offer a permanent solution to unstable dentures as they replace missing roots, which offers a stable foundation for natural looking dentures. The implants fuse together with the jawbone and keep dentures in place. A full arch of natural looking denture teeth can be secured with just four implants in the upper jaw and two in the lower.

The following solutions can be used in either the upper or lower jaw:

Option 1. Implant assisted complete dentures

With this option, the tissues of the mouth also provide some support to the complete denture but with the added assistance of precision attachments located at the head of two or more implants.

Benefits include:

  • Your denture fits securely, improving stability and comfort
  • Your bite becomes stronger and more secure
  • In the upper less pressure is applied to the roof of your mouth as the denture base is minimised
  • Chewing food is much easier, giving you more choice for food, improving taste and enhancing digestion

Option 2: Fixed/removable denture

In comparison to the implant assisted complete denture, this prosthesis is rigidly anchored by a minimum of four implants and a precision milled bar of Titanium. Whilst still being removable, the design allows you to achieve a stable and retentive prosthesis that is comparable to fixed teeth.

Permanently fixed teeth / Same Day Teeth

Marc and Marcus work together to provide patients with the innovative Same Day Teeth solution. This treatment allows patients to achieve a brand new smile in a single day procedure. This non-removable prosthesis looks and feels like natural teeth. Often only four dental implants are needed to offer a strong foundation for a full arch of natural looking teeth. Other names for this treatment include All-on-4, same day smile and teeth in a day.

Benefits include:

  • New arches can be cleaned just like natural teeth
  • No need to remove teeth during cleaning, eating or at bedtime
  • No palate is not needed for the upper the arch of teeth
  • Experience full taste sensation as the roof of the mouth is not covered
  • Bite function is much stronger, allowing patients to eat a wider range of foods
  • Treatment can be finished in one day so less time spent in the dental chair


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