Plastic Partial Dentures

More natural looking

Many partial dentures wearers suffer from wearing normal inexpensive plastic dentures. But now, more people are beginning to discover the benefits of Changing Faces® plastic partial dentures. Designed to look and function like your own natural teeth, our partial dentures are handcrafted and bespoke to every patient. To ensure your denture teeth appear at their most natural, we individually choose and position your replacement denture teeth to match the form, shape and size of the teeth you have lost.

More wear resistant

Using the most innovative manufacturing techniques, we will ensure that your plastic dentures offer the perfect fit and stand up to everyday wear and tear. To create the dentures that offer you the best appearance and function, we combine the vast experience of our denture experts with the latest in dental technology. With Changing Faces®, you can experience the plastic partial dentures that look and feel better than ever before.

When plastic dentures are right for you

Wearing plastic partial dentures is down to personal choice and it may be the right option for you if:

  • You are facing tooth loss as a certainty and you need partial denture to offer you an immediate solution
  • You are a first-time or inexperienced denture wearer and you would prefer to try a more affordable partial denture
  • Your remaining natural teeth need to be stabilised and your gums must be treated before you can benefit from a light alloy partial denture

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