Changing Faces® Complete Dentures

At Changing Faces®, we understand how the loss of all your natural teeth can impact on your life. As well as affecting daily activities like eating, talking and laughing, losing your teeth can also lower your self-esteem. The complete dentures we create will improve your quality of life, and leave you feeling confident and self-assured about your appearance.

Teeth provide crucial support for your face, especially around your mouth, lips and cheeks. Changing Faces® complete dentures will make sagging facial muscles appear more taught and sunken features appear plumper.

The 'Changing Faces®' Effect.

Changing Faces® complete dentures offer a dual effect by restoring your smile and revolumisng your face.

The Changing Faces Effect Click to enlarge

When you lose all of your natural teeth your jawbone naturally shrinks away to a lower level especially in the lower half of your face. This combined with the shrinkage of your gums and incorrectly designed dentures that do not support the cheeks and lips means the proportions of your face shift and volume reduces. The face looks older as a consequence with sunken in features and sagging facial muscles with the cheeks sinking downwards which broadens the face towards the bottom.

Changing Faces® Clinical Dental Technicians have the technical clinical experience and know how needed to restore your face to the correct proportion making you look and feel younger.

Benefits include

  • Natural looking gender specific tooth shapes and colors that compliment your age and personality
  • The 'Changing Faces®' Effect of facial rejuvenation. Facial muscles appear more taught, sunken features appear plumper
  • Teeth are positioned for improved appearance and added facial volume
  • Perfect replication of gum contour and colours
  • Durable state of the art next generation materials
  • High impact injection moulded denture bases for the best fit possible

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