Changing Faces® Partial Dentures

At Changing Faces®, we understand how losing even just one tooth can impact upon your self-esteem. That is why, when you become a Changing Faces® patient, we will work closely with your needs to alleviate your concerns about getting dentures. By creating the partial dentures that look exactly like your own teeth, we will help you get back to a life you know – one where you can enjoy eating, talking and laughing again.

Why should your missing teeth be replaced?

Your teeth play an important role and it's just as important to replace your back teeth, as it is your front teeth.

Even one missing tooth can have a negative impact on your remaining teeth and oral health. When a tooth is missing the healthy adjacent teeth tend to tilt, rotate and shift affecting how your upper and lower teeth meet. This causes problems when chewing having an impact on surrounding muscles and your jaw joints.

A Changing Faces® partial denture can be a great solution to replace teeth by -

  • Preventing further damage to your remaining teeth
  • Preventing your remaining teeth from tilting and moving
  • Restoring your smile and general appearance
  • Improving your speech
  • Making eating a more comfortable and enjoyable experience

Just like your own natural teeth

Each of your new denture teeth will be carefully positioned by hand onto a base made from either a gum coloured plastic or a less bulky metal alloy base, restoring your appearance and function of your own natural teeth.

Find out more about the different types of partial denture we offer:

Why will you need to see a Dentist?

A Dentist colleague will examine your mouth to identify and treat any tooth decay, tooth loss or gum disease. By working with our Clinical Dental Technicians the Dentist will develop a personal treatment plan.

If you require partial denture treatment your Clinical Dental Technician will need to know that the foundations of your mouth and natural teeth can support the type of Changing Faces® denture that you require.

By working closely with a Dentist, we can get the best out of even a few remaining teeth to stabilise your dentures. The team approach will make you feel self-assured about the treatment you receive.

Our Dentist colleagues help our Clinical Dental Technicians plan our partial denture cases making sure your remaining natural teeth stay healthy. What is more, our Dentists also help our patients retain their remaining natural teeth by helping them develop good oral hygiene.

The complexity of your case will be agreed and before your CDT begins treatment they would have considered together with a Dentist -

  • What dental treatment may be needed to prepare the mouth to receive a new partial denture
  • Any possible complications that might require more treatment in the future
  • Whether gum disease is present and what bearing this has on the new partial denture
  • Findings from dental x-rays
  • The previous dental history
  • Which of the remaining natural teeth can be used to retain the denture
  • What type of partial denture design would be the most favourable
  • What dental materials would be most suitable and how long they expect the denture to last
  • Which denture teeth would give the best result

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