Light alloy partial dentures

Lighter, more durable dentures

Many partial dentures are made from either a hard or flexible dental acrylic. A light alloy partial denture is a mixture of acrylic and a light alloy metal, for example Chrome Cobalt or Titanium. These denture materials are tested to ensure that they are completely biocompatible with your mouth and body. As well as being far less bulky than partial dentures made from plastic, light alloy dentures are highly durable. What is more, they are more light weight and our patients say they are more comfortable to wear.

Hygienic and kind to your mouth

Changing Faces® light alloy partial dentures are designed to be hygienic and offer less tissue coverage, which increases oral sensitivity and taste. Your light alloy dentures will be retained with metal clasps or resin clasps that match exactly your natural tooth colour. As an alternative to visible clasps, we can work with our Dentist colleagues using precision attachments which aren't visible and are more discreet.

Your light alloy partial denture will:

  • Help you form words and sounds, clarifying your speech
  • Make eating more comfortable, helping you enjoy food
  • Enhance your appearance by restoring your natural smile
  • Preserve the health and appearance of any remaining teeth so you can keep smiling
  • Make wearing partial dentures a more comfortable experience

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