Michael's Story

Michael - age 69

I went to Changing Faces for
my dentures and I left feeling
years younger

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"Loosing all your teeth makes you look so much older"

Loosing all of my teeth made me feel like I had really aged. It really knocks you back. I lost all of my teeth by the age of 35. I lost my two front teeth first when I was in the army cadets. I was only 13 years old. A rifle butt hit me in in the face. Over the years I just lost my pride in my teeth and didn't look after them. In my early thirties I had developed gum disease. I visited the dental hospital and they gave me the news that it would be best to remove all my teeth in one go. I agreed and had complete dentures fitted. I felt awful and lost a great deal of pride in myself.

"I realised I only ever smiled with my mouth closed"

I have worn false teeth for half my life and overall they have looked pretty awful and false. I just got on with life but my face looked older and over the year's things just began to sag. It was as if I had no support. As I got older my old dentures seemed to slowly disappear. You could hardly see my teeth. I realised I only ever smiled with my mouth closed, as I was conscious of my false teeth. Now thanks to Changing Faces I smile with my mouth wide open as people would never know I wear dentures.

"I've not looked this good in years"

After my treatment at Changing Faces I thought to myself I've not looked as good as this in years. My face is so much fuller. My wife says I look much better. Even at my age I want to look and feel good about myself. I'm very glad I had the treatment done. I now look much more like me, the person I remember I was as a young man. My teeth suit me, they look natural, and they compliment my age. They look like they grew there. It's really quite amazing what they achieved.

"The attention to detail is incredible"

I would thoroughly recommend Changing Faces to anyone. They take so much time to listen and involve you at every stage. I felt that they wouldn't let me leave with dentures that were nothing less than perfect. The attention to detail is incredible. They gave me real confidence. You get a great sense of trust when you're a patient. I think meeting the Clinical Dental Technician who makes the dentures and treats you in the clinic makes a huge difference to the outcome.

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