Academy of Clinical Dental Technology

The purpose of our Academy is to ensure that all Changing Faces Clinical Dental Technicians have access to the very latest developments in dental technology helping to ensure the highest standards of care. We aim to offer our patients the very best in service and products so as to enhance their quality of life and our Academy provides the ideal foundations to support this ethos.

From within the Academy one to one tuition, personalised learning programmes and mentoring are used to optimise a CDT's individual's specific skills, such as when our Implant Dentists work side by side with our Clinical Dental Technicians within our denture stabilisation clinics.

The Academy also offers courses to those Dental Technicians enrolled on a Diploma course in Clinical Dental Technology that are looking to learn more about the prestigious Changing Faces® CDT's and their work with patients.

Welcome to Brendan Hudson, Changing Faces® West Yorkshire

Dental Technician Brendan Hudson joined our national team of denture professionals after attending a 5-day Academy personalised learning programme. During his one to one tuition he showed he had the skills to create the most lifelike of dentures with the illusion of natural teeth working with complete finesse and accuracy.

"I am thrilled to be part of the Changing Faces team. I am looking forward to working to the highest standards possible and to giving my patients the benefit of more than thirty years experience in the dental technology"

Brendan Hudson, Dental Technician.

By choosing to become Brendan's patient you will benefit from more than 30 years experience and expertise and be treated within the prestigious Northern Centre of Excellence in Dentistry, a state of the art referral practice in the center of Halifax. As part of Brendan's commitment to his professional development, your treatment will be completed to the exacting standards of the University of Central Lancashire's Diploma course in Clinical Dental Technology.

If you are suffering from gum disease, advanced tooth loss and have failing crowns and bridges, along with loose teeth you can be seen by the centre's principal Implant Dentist Nigel Hargreaves and Brendan together where solutions include implant assisted dentures that allow you to chew your food properly or permanent fixed teeth that look and feel completely natural.

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