Denture Genics®

Our Denture Genics® concept combines artistic ability with anatomical rules and is used at Changing Faces® Denture Clinics as a method of tooth arrangement in complete dentures. This practice and technique of creating the illusion of natural teeth considers gender, age and personality to restore the unique individuality of your smile and face. It is a concept that is missing in far too many denture wearers, leaving people with visually poor dentures that look false.

Incorporating the principles of Denture Genics®

Hover over the image below to see the feminine characteristics.

The expression of masculine characteristics

A masculine form can be described as cuboidal and muscular, with a vigorous physical appearance. A basic tooth form, which expresses masculine characteristics, should be used to reflect these attributes. Denture teeth possess strong characteristics and are positioned boldly to provide a more masculine appearance.

The expression of feminine characteristics

Femininity is expressed by roundness, smoothness and softness that is typical of a women. Therefore, a selection of tooth shapes which have the soft lines and expression of the feminine form should be used. Denture teeth are delicately positioned to enhance femininity and blend perfectly with facial features.

When applied, our Denture Genics® concept provides a more natural appearance and harmonious look to our dentures. Outstanding natural looking dentures can be achieved by aesthetic guidelines; using denture teeth specifically designed for males and females, and by shaping the visible denture base seen when a patient smiles with a more natural contour.

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