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Here at Changing Faces®, we remain dedicated to ensuring that every single one of our patients is completely satisfied with the standard of care and treatment they receive. All of our denture experts are trained and qualified to work as Clinical Dental Technicians and Dental Technicians. What is more, they each demonstrate an ongoing commitment to acting in the best interests of our patients.

Our promise

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your care or treatment for partial or full dentures, our denture customer service team will ensure that your comments are handled in the right way, causing you minimal stress and inconvenience. Please feel free to speak to your Clinical Dental Technician at the Changing Faces® Denture Clinic that you attended or contact our customer service team on 01564 732 990.

Complaints procedure

We hope that most problems can be sorted out easily and quickly, often at the time they arise and with the person concerned. Should this not be the case a client will be encouraged to complain to the Clinical Dental Technician in the first instance. The Clinical Dental Technician should log the details of the complaint and should explain the complaints procedure to the client:

  • Complaints should be raised within six months of the incident that led to the problem; or within six months of discovery of the problem provided this is within one year of the incident.
  • The Clinical Dental Technician will establish the facts of the complaint and record the details.
  • Complaints will be acknowledged immediately or within two working days of receipt.
  • Complaints will be investigated within ten working days of receipt.

An explanation and/or a meeting will be offered to discuss the complaint and its resolution. The Clinical Dental Technician will apologise and identify what we can do to make sure that the problem does not happen again.

Complaining on behalf of someone else

If someone wishes to complain on behalf of a client, we must adhere to the rules of confidentiality and therefore we must seek the client's permission for another person to act on their behalf.

Escalation of complaints

Changing Faces Dentistry Head Office

If the Clinical Dental Technician is unable to resolve the complaint then they must contact Head Office by telephone or email and seek assistance. If need be this should be done within the ten day investigation period. Head Office will advise the Clinical Dental Technician concerned if they are going to take over the resolution of the complaint.

Contacting Us

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Call: 01564 732 990

Dental Complaints Service

If a complaint cannot be resolved internally then the client will be referred to the Dental Complaints Service or advised to fill out the complaint form on their website The client will be advised that this service is funded by the General Dental Council, which sets out the standards of conduct for and regulates all dental professionals in the UK. More information about the General Dental Council can be found at

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