Partial Denture Costs

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a solution for one or several missing teeth in either the upper or the lower jaw. Changing Faces® will work with your personal preferences and what you want to spend on your treatment to provide the best dentures for your needs. The cost of partial dentures is relative to the different levels of service we offer. What never changes is our commitment to providing quality.

Changing Faces® partial dentures are designed to be hygienic and work seamlessly with the contours of your mouth. They offer superior strength and less tissue coverage, which increases oral sensitivity and taste. Choose a gum-coloured plastic partial denture, a less bulky light alloy partial denture or a flexible partial denture to hold your individual replacement teeth in place.

You will meet the denture expert who will work with your needs to design, create and fit your dentures. As well as discussing your denture history, they will understand what you want to achieve and discuss the best options for you.

Before you can be treated by your Clinical Dental Technician, you will need to see a Dentist who will work side by side with your Changing Faces® denture expert to plan your treatment correctly.

Simply explore the different types of partial dentures we offer to find the right option for you:

  • Simple
  • Advanced
  • Complex
  • PARTIAL DENTURE from £400*

    • Suitable for minimal tooth loss requiring simple denture design
    • An ideal number of healthy teeth available to retain the partial denture
    • Ideal normal bite types and average jaw movements
  • PARTIAL DENTURE from £500*

    • More advanced tooth loss and jawbone shrinkage
    • Remaining natural teeth are positioned awkwardly, requiring complex denture design
    • Restoration involves replacement teeth that span whole sections of the mouth
    • Requires a greater amount of clinical and laboratory time
    • Ideal for more awkward bite types and more complex jaw movements
  • PARTIAL DENTURE from £600*

    • Multiple areas of tooth loss requiring complex partial denture design
    • Modifications to remaining natural teeth to secure partial dentures in place
    • Partial dentures designed in combination with replacement restorations such as crowns
    • May involve a temporary or immediate denture during treatment
    • Requires extensive amounts of clinical and laboratory time during the period of treatment
    • Ideal for the most complex and awkward of bite types and jaw movements, and unhealthy natural teeth

*Participating clinics only. Prices may vary.

You can also choose between a plastic high impact injection moulded denture base, flexible base or light alloy denture base depending on your particular needs and complexity of case.

Choosing your individual partial denture teeth

Changing Faces® denture experts will help you select the right denture for your needs.

  • Essential
  • Premium
  • Optimum
  • Essential partial denture teeth

    • Wear-resistant plastic denture teeth guaranteed against excessive wear for 3 years*
    • Choice of more than 20 different tooth shapes and shades
  • Premium partial denture teeth

    • Extra hard composite denture teeth guaranteed against excessive wear for 5 years*
    • Choice of over 30 different tooth shapes and shades
    • 'Pearl effect' denture teeth for a great natural look
  • Optimum partial denture teeth

    • Longer-lasting denture teeth made from next generation materials, guaranteed against excessive wear for 5 years
    • Choice of 40 different tooth shapes, hand finished shapes designed according to age, gender and personality
    • Denture teeth that copy the character of your natural teeth created using state of the art technology and cutting edge techniques


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