Changing Faces Stoke denture stabilisation clinic

Outstanding provision of care and service

Changing Faces® Denture Stabilisation Clinics are exclusively located in selected dental practices. It is essential that our chosen Implant Dentists have the same high commitment to patient care, well-being and customer service as every other member of the Changing Faces® team.

At our Stoke Denture Stabilisation Clinic, Clinical Dental Technician Stuart Gibson works in partnership with our experienced implant dentists. They combine the best of traditional treatment methods with the latest dentistry techniques. Stabilisation solutions include implant assisted dentures and permanent fixed arches of teeth, securely anchored to the jawbone.

Amazing results and innovative solutions

The Stoke Changing Faces® clinic provides a personalised and professional service for all patients, with input from both Stuart and our experienced implant dentist. Clients can rest assured that they are in the best possible hands, thanks to our experienced team’s dedication to achieving perfection.


  • Joint consultation with Stuart and our experienced implant dentists
  • Treatment from experienced dental professionals with excellent reputations
  • Next generation treatments using high-grade durable and natural looking materials
  • Access to a unique combination of skills

Dental implants – the end for loose and uncomfortable dentures

What is a dental implant? It is a small screw made from titanium which is used as a replacement for the root of a missing tooth. Once they are inserted into the jawbone, the dentures are then securely fixed to them. This is a highly effective treatment that ensures stability and eliminates the problems of loose dentures. A minimum of only four implants can be used to support a full arch of non removable, permanent teeth and just two can be used to secure a full lower denture.

Implant assisted solutions

Option 1: Implant assisted complete denture

A complete denture that attaches to two or more implants featuring precision attachments; the denture can be removed when required. This is a great solution for bother the lower and upper jaw. A unique strength is that the tissues of the mouth are utilised for support.

Option 2: Fixed/removable denture

This denture is fixed firmly in place using four implants (minimum) in either the lower or upper jaws. Also used is a precision milled bar of titanium. The combined result of these features is a natural, permanent prosthesis that perfectly mimics fixed teeth.

Benefits include:

  • Improved comfort due to firm fit
  • Fewer speech and taste issues
  • Complete biting security
  • Base of denture covers less of the mouth roof
  • Better digestion via improved chewing range and ability

Option 3: Fixed arch of teeth – 'the third dentition'

This is a full arch of fixed teeth making use of between four and six implants which are inserted into either the upper or lower jawbone. The next step is to fit the framework, which is made from titanium and finished using an acrylic gum veneer, and of course a full arch of natural-looking composite teeth. The final result looks and feels the same as your natural teeth. In many cases we can attach a fixed acrylic bridge, as a provisional measure, during the same day as your implant treatment. This is particularly important for patients who are highly at risk of losing their remaining teeth.

Benefits of Changing Faces® permanent fixed teeth include:

  • Your new teeth can be treated the same as you would your natural teeth
  • No need to remove a denture before bed or after meals
  • No uncomfortable palate to contest with and the arch perfectly fits with the specific contours in your mouth
  • You do not sacrifice any of your taste because the roof of your mouth is left uncovered
  • Enjoy crunchy and tough foods again with increased bite power


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