Newcastle-under-Lyme Changing Faces® Dental Stabilisation Clinic

Newcastle-under-Lyme’s King Street Dental Practice is an accredited Changing Faces® Denture Stabilisation Clinic. Our implantology specialists are carefully selected for their experience and expertise in using the latest implantology techniques.

The Newcastle-under-Lyme Dental Stabilisation Clinic is headed by implant specialists Stuart Gibson and Dr Raluca Ion, who together provide a complete range of options for replacing missing teeth or poorly fitting dentures.

Whether you need to replace a single tooth or a full set, we will work with you to design a fully personalised treatment plan to restore confidence in as little as a single day.


  • Receive a joint consultation with both a dentist and Clinical Dental Technician
  • Bespoke plan and treatment from two dedicated professionals
  • Benefit from a unique combination of dental expertise
  • Treatment using up to the minute techniques and materials

The Latest in Dental Implant Technology

Our team at Newcastle-under-Lyme combines the best in tried and tested dental treatments with cutting-edge dental stabilisation solutions. Patients can select from a choice of options to suit their dental requirements and lifestyle.

Implant Assisted Dentures

An implant assisted denture is an overdenture which is fixed to the jawbone using a series of implants, usually two in the lower jaw and four in the upper jaw. Just like traditional dentures, they can be removed when required, including for cleaning overnight.

Implant assisted dentures offer many advantages over traditional removable dentures:

  • Implants keep dentures in place much more firmly than glue or fixative
  • The palette remains uncovered, allowing for an improved taste and eating experience with fewer speech problems
  • Implant assisted dentures dramatically improve bite strength, meaning wearers can return to eating their favourite foods

Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures rely on implants to keep them in place permanently. They are a natural looking and permanent replacement for real teeth. Fixed dentures can often be fitted in as little as a single day.

Why Choose Changing Faces® Fixed Dentures?

  • Treat your new fixed dentures exactly as you would your natural teeth
  • No need for removal after meals or before bed
  • Designed to fit the natural contours of your mouth, with no palate coverage
  • Improved taste and speech
  • Better bit power and improved ability to eat tougher foods


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