Changing Faces® Dentures Cardiff

You’ll find Changing Faces® Cardiff at Fusion Dentistry, the new state-of-the-art dental practice in Cardiff, South Wales. It is here that Clinical Dental Technician Mike Fuse works alongside highly experienced Dentists Dr Tim Mills and Dr Guy McLellan and to offer the latest advances in dentures. Our patients can count on natural-looking dentures that fit perfectly.

Customer satisfaction is one of Fusion Dentistry’s main priorities. The team achieves this by tackling many of the problems that denture patients frequently encounter, such as poor function, discomfort and unrealistic appearance. When you choose Changing Faces® Cardiff, you can be sure that you will get professional denture treatment with dentures that are custom-designed for your individual needs and personal appearance. The end result is a new smile that enhances your life and helps you approach the world with a renewed sense of confidence.

Mike Fuse

Mike Fuse, CDT, has more than fifteen years of experience in the field of dental technology. Throughout his career he has established an enviable reputation as a leading clinical dental technician. Mike’s impressive patient care skills and overall expertise were recently officially recognised when he became a finalist in the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards.

He opened a state of the art dental laboratory in Cardiff in 2005, where he put his superior levels of craftsmanship and wealth of knowledge to work, creating dentures for many of the UK’s leading dental practices. He has a particular interest in dental implants and the way they are used in denture stabilisation, as well as full mouth rehabilitations. He has worked for more than 10 years for leading implant manufacturers as both a lecturer and a mentor.

Tim Mills

Despite his wealth of experience, Mike has chosen to continue his training, gaining a Dip CDT RCS (diploma in clinical dental technology).

Mike works alongside Dr Tim Mills to provide exquisite implant assisted dentures so you no longer have to put up with ill-fitting, unstable and uncomfortable dentures. Tim has years of experience in fitting implants for patients with a wide variety of needs. His work won awards while he was at University and he is now a member of the Association of Dental Implantology. Tim is dedicated to his work and has attended numerous postgraduate courses to further develop his outstanding skillset.

Dr Guy McLellan is a Dental Implant Surgeon who works with Mike on implant assisted dentures, fixed arches of teeth and Same Day Teeth. He is qualified in both dentistry and medicine, as well as being a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Guy McLellan

Guy has more than 10 years of hospital experience. This includes training in plastic surgery and ENT. He currently holds an Oral Implantology Honorary Consultant post at Charing Cross Hospital.

He began his dental implants career in 1994 and his vast experience includes extra-oral implants to preserve facial reconstruction/cosmetics after facial cancer surgery, plus facial deformities such as cleft palate and lip and intra-oral cancer rehabilitation. Guy specialises in augmentation procedures and surgical implantology in private practice. This includes intra-oral and extra-oral grafting.

Complete and partial dentures

At Changing Faces® Cardiff, Mike and the team know the benefits of the advanced Denture Genics® technique for the design of complete dentures. Everybody is different, and Denture Genics® allows us to recognise this and incorporate each patient’s individual features, such as their gender, age and personality.

People often find that their face and jaw shape can be dramatically impacted when they lose some or all of their teeth. Changing Faces® dentures are designed to tackle that problem head-on, providing support to enable their face to restore the volume and proportions it has lost around the cheeks, lips and jaws. This means that your new dentures will look lifelike and feel comfortable, with a gentle lift that improves your overall appearance – something we call “the Changing Faces® Effect”. Our greatly skilled experts gain a thorough understanding of these advanced techniques through their training programme at the Changing Faces® Academy of Clinical Dental Technology.

If you still have some of your natural teeth remaining, Changing Faces® Cardiff can help you by providing a range of precision partial dentures. Prior to treatment, our team will examine your teeth and gums in order to establish your dental health and check that you do not need treatment for any other dental issues.


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