Recall Appointments

Annual check ups

All dentures require periodic review. As a Changing Faces® patient, you will benefit from a call from our denture team when your appointment becomes due. Once every twelve months, we will recall you to your nearest Changing Faces® Denture Clinic to evaluate your denture and examine the soft tissues in your mouth. If you are also a registered patient of the dental practice in which we sit, and you have natural teeth remaining, you will also be recalled by that practice every six months for your regular dental check up.

Adjustments to your dentures

Sometimes your dentures will require a simple modification to ensure the best fit and performance. This could be for a number of reasons including the rate your jawbone changes shape, additional tooth loss and how well you have looked after your dentures. Ill-fitting, worn-down loose dentures can cause soreness, infections, problems when chewing and biting, and result in changes to facial support. So it is important that your dentures are adjusted when they need to be, to ensure the best possible fit. Never attempt to adjust your denture yourself.

Reasons why you may need a new denture include:

  • You have started to use a denture adhesive because you feel your dentures no longer fit
  • You have had one or more emergency denture repairs
  • Denture relining has not been successful
  • Your dentures have become loose and are making your mouth sore
  • Your denture teeth are worn or stained (stains that can no longer be removed by your normal denture cleaner)
  • Dentures you had fitted immediately after tooth extractions are now loose
  • You can no longer eat, speak or eat well with your dentures

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