Changing Faces® Windsor Denture Clinic

Located within CastleView Dental Clinic in Windsor, Changing Faces® Denture Clinic is run and managed by Clinical Dental Technician Bill Sharpling.

Bill Sharpling

Bill has over 30 years’ experience as a dental technician and at handcrafting dentures. Bill’s education pathway started with a National Diploma in Science in Dental Technology in 1986 and subsequently a Higher National Diploma, several post graduate training courses in the field of denture and implant dentistry and in 2008 he achieved a distinction as a Clinical Dental Technician from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Bill has learnt advanced techniques associated with the incorporation of Denture Genics® and the Changing Faces® Effect into complete dentures by successfully completing an intensive 5-day training programme at the Changing Faces® Academy of Clinical Dental Technology.

Bill regularly attends lectures and courses relating to dental implants and clinical dental technology to ensure that he is up to date with the latest techniques and approaches to making true-to-life dentures.

Bill has a friendly approachable personality and is especially good with nervous patients.

Bill’s patients rely on his experience and expertise to deliver dentures that have a life-changing impact on their confidence levels and self-esteem. He is dedicated to ensuring that his patients get the best possible dentures and solve problems associated with loose and ill-fitting dentures. Bill is very proud of the relationships he has developed with his denture patients over the years.

Joint collaborative care

Bill works alongside CastleView Dental Clinic's lead dentist, Dr David Winkler, whose reputation and expertise in the dental industry for delivering the highest level of aesthetic and implant dentistry has been developed over the last thirty years. To improve his cosmetic dentistry techniques to perfection, David has undertaken countless hours of comprehensive post-graduate training all over the world, being educated by some of the world’s best dentists.

Initially, David trained as a Dental Technician before moving on to become a dentist, qualifying in 1983. This unique educational path provides David with the understanding of the entire lifecycle, from denture fabrication to the fitting process. David operated his own practice in Denmark for 17 years before moving to Windsor, where he has practiced ever since. David is a self-confessed dental geek; he is always investigating new techniques, products and advances in the industry. He insists on only the best for his patients and never compromises on the quality of materials used.

David Winkler

David began placing dental implants in 1987, when the first systems came out and has been President of a number of aesthetic academies including the British, Scandinavian (Founding President) and the European Academy and is the immediate past President of the International Federation of Aesthetic Dentistry.

David has an enormous level of experience in implant dentistry and regularly uses implants to replace single missing teeth and full arches of missing teeth with either implant-secured bridges or dentures. By working alongside Dr Winkler, Bill can provide implant-assisted dentures to solve the issues caused by ill-fitting and unstable dentures. Implant-retained dentures are ideal for patients who require a more secure solution than removable full dentures. As a team, Bill and David are also able to provide permanent fixed teeth to patients who are looking for a more permanent long-term solution.

Complete Dentures & Partial dentures

Bill ensures that with every set of Changing Faces® complete dentures he incorporates the Denture Genics® approach, which is unique to Changing Faces®. This approach ensures that the patient’s gender and personality are taken into account so that the dentures look natural and function perfectly. Changing Faces® complete dentures also restore the cheeks and lips back to their youthful shape, a concept known as the Changing Faces® Effect.

The Changing Faces® Denture Clinic provides patients with a vast range of precision partial dentures. Before your requirements are discussed with Bill, Dentist David Winkler will check your oral health to make sure that you don’t have any outstanding problems before treatment commences.


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