Changing Faces® Windsor
Denture stabilisation & Dental Implant Clinic

Changing Faces® denture stabilisation clinics only operate in select dental practices that have the level of service and expertise required to give patients the very best. We are based within the premises of Castleview Dental Clinic. Clinical Dental Technician Bill Sharpling & Implant Dentist David Winkler offer solutions to the many issues which are usually associated with badly fitting and loose dentures.

Our denture stabilisation clinic in Windsor offers tried and tested solutions to stabilise loose dentures. Clinical Dental Technician Bill Sharpling works closely with highly experienced Implant Dentist, David Winkler; to ensure patients receive implant-retained dentures that closely resemble the look and feel of natural teeth.

Dr David Winkler graduated in dentistry in 1983. Following this he ran his own clinic in Outrup, Denmark for 17 years before moving to Windsor, where he has been practicing implant and cosmetic dentistry since.

David has been placing dental implants for over 25 years and has used and worked with all the major implant systems. He has been the President of a number of aesthetic academies including the British, Scandinavian (Founding President) and the European Academy and is the immediate past President of the International Federation of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Dr Winkler has undertaken several years of postgraduate training, attending courses in the UK and overseas, perfecting his skills in complex full-mouth implant dentistry.

Dr Winkler is highly experienced at restoring missing teeth utilising a range of implant-based solutions. He replacesindividual missing teeth with a dental implant and crown and he can restore a complete arch of missing teeth with either permanent fixed bridges or removable implant retained dentures.

Proven Solutions Give Excellent Results

Our Windsor Denture Stabilisation Clinic is unique in that it combines the clinical skills and expertise of a leading Implant Dentist with the technical knowledge of a Dental Technician. They have a combined experience of over 50 years. This ensures that Changing Faces® denture wearers receive an unparalleled level of service and care.

The benefits of this dual expertise include:

  • Having a joint consultation with a Clinical Dental Technician and an Implant Dentist*
  • Your treatment planning and execution will be by two highly qualified and experienced dental professionals
  • Changing Faces® uses the best-quality, next-generation denture teeth that are manufactured from biomaterials that look natural
  • The clinic delivers a new level of expertise not available in most clinics

*The prescription and treatment planning are the responsibility of the Dentist

Innovative Technology Provides Superior Solutions

Innovative technology and expertise that we have means that two dental implants, when precisely placed may be sufficient to retain a lower denture. Four dental implants are commonly required for an upper denture. Dental implants provide a secure anchor to hold dentures in place. This allows our patients to overcome the social stigma and physical problems often associated with wearing complete dentures.

Dental implants function as a replacement for natural tooth roots. Complete dentures can be firmly fixedto dental implants, providing you with rock solid denture stability.

Changing Faces® implant-retained dentures provide:

  • Dentures that are solid and fit securely to your gums
  • Improved speech and taste due to a smaller denture base
  • A functional bite very close to that of natural teeth
  • Enhanced enjoyment of food due to better chewing ability and taste
  • Better digestion of food and hence nutrition
  • An improved sense of well-being and self-esteem
  • Comfortable dentures

Permanent fixed teeth solutions in just one day

At Changing Faces®, we have the expertise to offer patients fixed teeth, a more permanent solution to the problems that loose dentures and missing teeth bring. This treatment can often be completed in a single day procedure with the appropriate planning. The treatment is know as Same Day Teeth, All-on-4™, same day smile, or teeth in a day.

You can come to our clinic in the morning with a loose set of dentures or a full arch of missing teeth and leave with a permanent set of fixed teeth by the end of the day. Arches of handcrafted Changing Faces® teeth are fixed securely in place with immediately loaded dental implants.

Key benefits of Same Day Teeth:

  • No more denture maintenance routines, fixed teeth are just like your own natural teeth
  • Convenience – no more removal your dentures at bed-time for cleaning or after mealtimes
  • Comfortable–they feel natural and comfortable as your palate is no longer covered by denture plastic
  • Confidence – they look and feel like natural teeth, you will you have access to more food options with improved taste and chewing strength


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