Changing Faces® Dentures Vale of Glamorgan

Mike Fuse

Changing Faces® Vale of Glamorgan is located within the Castle Court Dental Practice in the city of Cardiff, Wales. Even the most difficult and complex denture issues can be dealt with here due to the expertise and experience of Clinical Dental Technician Mike Fuse and Implant Dentist Dr Tim Mills. They work together to provide patients with the very latest denture treatments, which are both true to life and comfortable.

Tim and Mike work as a close team and are committed to helping patients with problems like ill-fitting or impractical dentures. Patients find the high levels of customer service and availability of skills from two dental professionals reassuring. This allows patients to concentrate on how their new, modern dentures will give them a better quality of life in many ways.

Both Tim and Mike are incredibly passionate about creating life long relationships with their patients. This results in increased confidence from them and an overall happiness with their new smiles.

Working in collaboration

Mike Fuse has been an expert in dental technology for over fifteen years. During this time he has been able to build up a very respectable reputation as a leading dental technician. His expertise and patient care skills are fantastic and were recently recognised officially, on his journey to being nominated as a finalist, at this year’s Aesthetic Dentistry Awards. In 2005 he opened a state of the art dental laboratory in Cardiff where he put his knowledge and craftsmanship to work providing dentures to many leading practices around the UK. Despite his wealth of experience, Mike has chosen to continue his training further. Currently he is studying towards a diploma in clinical dental technology. He has a keen interest in dental implants and their use in denture stabilisation and has worked for over ten years, both as a mentor and a lecturer for leading implant manufacturers.

Tim Mills

Mike works closely with Implant Dentist Dr Tim Mills at Changing Faces® Vale of Glamorgan to provide patients with implant assisted dentures as a method of dealing with unstable, ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures. Choosing dentures assisted by dental implants affords patients the option of a more stable denture, rather than conventional full dentures. Changing Faces® Vale of Glamorgan also provides permanent fixed teeth which are suitable for patients looking for a more long-term approach to missing teeth. Using a single day procedure this method is able to replace loose teeth that need to be extracted and older crowns and bridges that need to be removed with a full arch of non-removable teeth.

Complete and partial dentures

Changing Faces® Vale of Glamorgan uses the innovative Denture Genics® principles when designing complete dentures for a patient. This means that many different aspects of a patient are taken into consideration when designing the dentures including personality, age and gender. When teeth are lost the shape of the face and jaw can change drastically, but after Changing Faces® denture treatment, the face regains its lost volume and gains desirable proportions and shape to the jaw, cheeks and lips. Not only will your new full dentures look and feel natural, your overall appearance can be improved too with a gentle lift - often referred to as the Changing Faces® Effect. Such innovative techniques are acquired by our highly skilled experts during a learning programme at the Changing Faces® Academy of Clinical Dental Technology.

The Vale of Glamorgan clinic also provides patients with a variety of precision partial dentures. Dr Tim Mills will examine each patient’s teeth and gums to make sure their dental health is good and that there are no other issues which need treatment before proceeding.


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