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Brendan Hudson

The North East Changing Faces® Denture Clinic is situated within Dental Solutions dental practice in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The clinic is owned and managed by Dental Technician, Brendan Hudson. Brendan has in excess of thirty years of experience working as a Dental Technician for leading Dentists throughout the North East and Yorkshire.

Brendan is dedicated to his postgraduate education and is currently studying for his Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology at the University of Central Lancashire. All new patients will be offered a comprehensive oral and dental health check prior to starting denture treatment by one of the clinic’s general dentists. For those patients that require it, consultations are also available for those in need of general or cosmetic dentistry. If you have single or multiple teeth missing then partial denture solutions are available which include precise and comfortable light alloy frameworks as a substitute to the more bulky plastic bases.

Brendan Hudson and Changing Faces® patient Teresa Wakeman after completion of the academy one to one programme.

Brendan has an expert artistic eye for the creation of dentures, which are life-like and often indistinguishable from natural teeth. He handcrafts dentures with artistic flair and accuracy and is also very experienced in the restorative techniques that are involved in restoration of the mouth using complete arches of implant retained fixed teeth.

In his capacity as a Dental Technician, Brendan works alongside Implant Dentist, Anthony Cooper to offer solutions to those who are experiencing uncomfortable and loose dentures.

Dr Anthony Cooper qualified in dentistry from Newcastle University in 1988 and immediately joined the Royal Navy as a Dental Officer. Five years in the Navy took him to the South coast, Scotland and to Brunei for 3 years. Anthony Joined his current practice as an associate in 1993 which he now owns outright. Anthony first became involved in Implant dentistry in 1994 and developed his skills by undergoing one of the first extensive implant training programs at the University of Sheffield from 1997-1999. Anthony is closely involved with the Association of Dental Implantology and runs their Study Club in Newcastle.

By working together as the Changing Faces® denture stabilisation team Brendan and Anthony provide implant assisted dentures that restore the chewing and eating ability for wearers of complete dentures. They can also offer the innovative solution of fixed teeth where a full arch of missing or unhealthy teeth is replaced using dental implants and a fixed bridge in a one-day procedure, known as Same Day Teeth.

Rest assured that Brendan can help you to achieve the smile of your dreams with a denture that fits perfectly, looks great and gives you the confidence to eat, talk and smile. Many of Brendan’s patients have commented on his gentle approachable nature and manner in particular patients that are nervous of the Dentist. The clinic offers free of charge mini consultations to denture wearers and to those who are interested in the benefits of implant assisted dentures. All treatment will be completed as part of Brendan’s compressive Diploma course in Clinical Dental Technology ensuring you are treated to exacting standards.


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