Changing Faces® Pangbourne Denture Stabilisation Clinic

Highly specialised denture services

At the Changing Faces® Denture Clinic located in West Berkshire we have highly experienced world-class clinical dental technicians, offering patients the opportunity to completely restore their teeth. We offer a wide range of treatments that include dental implants, denture stabilisation and Same Day Teeth.

At our clinic in Pangbourne, we use the very latest technologies, which include CT scanners, and high tech digital software that helps us to create the best denture options available. We can see how the teeth will look after treatment and give us the opportunity to implement dental implants as precisely as possible.

Treatment for loose dentures

We believe that by using dental implants we can offer patients implant retained dentures to restore the smile and facial aesthetics.

Our team works closely together to create a denture plan for each patient after an oral assessment. We can use just two dental implants, which we place in the jawbone. These two implants are used to anchor an arch of teeth in place. Two implants are normally used on the lower jaw area and four on the upper arch.

Why choose implant-retained dentures at Changing Faces®?

  • Permanently stabilises dentures
  • Chew and bite again, without any problems
  • Speech is not affected as the denture base is slimmer
  • Digestion is vastly improved as chewing ability is restored
  • A smaller portion of the denture base covers the roof of the mouth
  • Peace of mind that dentures are stable and will not move or become loose

Why choose a permanent solution to missing teeth at Changing Faces®?

We offer patients the opportunity to recreate a natural and stunning smile using dental implants, which are fixed to the jawbone and offer a permanent solution to missing teeth. Whilst we call this treatment Same Day Teeth at Changing Faces®, it's also known as same day smile, teeth in a day and All-On-4.

In order to keep a new arch of teeth in place, we use four to six dental implants depending on where the new arch will be. This treatment can be completed over the course of one day.

  • Your new arch of teeth are not removable and are both stable and permanent
  • No need to remove dentures before sleeping or before eating
  • Patients find that their new teeth feel natural in the mouth as the palette doesn't cover the roof of the moth
  • Diet is vastly improved as no food items are out of bounds and chewing and bite ability are restored
  • Same day teeth treatment is often carried out in just one day

Why have implant treatment at our Pangbourne clinic?

  • We have a variety of leading dental implant experts at hand
  • We offer the very latest and innovative denture options by our experienced team
  • At Changing Faces® our dentures are made from the latest biomaterials on offer


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