Changing Faces® Middlesex Denture Stabilisation Clinics

An extraordinary experience for all patients

At Changing Faces Middlesex we provide solutions for the many problems connected to loose or unstable dentures. We work with Implant Dentists dedicated to offering an excellent standard of care to all patients.

Our Middlesex denture stabilisation clinic provides proven and practical methods to secure unstable, loose dentures. Our Clinical Dental Technician works together with a skilled and practised Implant Dentist to make sure patients are given implant stabilised dentures that look and feel just like natural teeth.

Proven solutions provide outstanding results

The Changing Faces Denture Stabilisation Clinic in Middleton merges the clinical expertise of a knowledgeable and experienced Implant Dentist with the extensive technical knowledge and skills of a Clinical Dental Technician. Therefore denture wearers always receive an extraordinary level of care and service.

The advantages of this collaboration include:

  • A combined consultation with an Implant Dentist* and Clinical Dental Technician
  • Treatment provided by two vastly experienced and qualified dental experts
  • Changing Faces use next generation, high-quality denture teeth created from naturally aesthetic biomaterials
  • The exclusive collaboration of the Implant Dentist and Clinical Dental Technician delivers an original level of proficiency

*the Implant Dentist is responsible for treatment and prescription

The best solutions provided by innovative dental technology

Innovative dental technology means that as little as two implants, when placed precisely in the lower jaw, can sufficiently hold a lower denture in place. For an upper denture, four implants are typically required. Dental implants hold dentures in place securely, so that patients can overcome the social and physical problems often related to wearing complete dentures.

A dental implant acts as an artificial tooth root, and can be securely attached to complete dentures to provide patients with a completely new denture stability experience.

Advantages of Changing Faces implant assisted dentures include:

  • Stable dentures that securely fit to the gums
  • Denture base is smaller and can improve speech and taste
  • Bite is comparable to a natural bite
  • Food enjoyment is increased as a result of increased chewing ability
  • Digestion and nutrition is improved in addition to sense of wellbeing
  • Comfort levels are increased by the smaller denture base

Permanent fixed teeth solutions in a single day

At Changing Faces Middlesex we can also provide a permanent solution for problems brought by impractical and loose dentures. After careful preparation, this treatment is usually carried out in just one day, and is called Same Day Teeth. Patients can arrive with a set of loose dentures in the morning and leave by the end of the day with a permanent, fully-functional, fixed set of teeth. Arches of hand-crafted Changing Faces teeth are fitted into place securely with immediately loaded implants.

The advantages of Same Day Teeth include:

  • Fixed teeth function just like natural teeth and are maintained in the same way
  • There’s need to take dentures out for sleeping and cleaning after meals
  • The palate is free from plastic, so a more natural feel is created
  • Patients have wider choices of food as chewing strength and taste is improved


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