Changing Faces® Dentures Manchester

All new patients will be seen by Marc Northover at Changing Faces Cheshire (Hale Barns)

The Changing Faces® Manchester clinic and our team of clinical dental technicians located in Manchester have the skills necessary to provide implant-retained dentures that completely restore the chewing ability of a complete denture wearer. The most innovative solutions are available for replacing a full set of missing teeth using dental implants and fixed arch of teeth in just one day. .

Consultations are also available with our dental team for those in need of general or cosmetic dentistry. Many of the patients that attend the clinic, recognise they have a broken down unhealthy mouth and are looking for a long-term solution to their tooth loss. Our dentists recognise the importance of replacing even a single missing tooth and work together to offer a solution for patients that require a partial denture.

All members of the Manchester team continue to attend numerous dentistry symposiums so they can continue to offer patients the very latest innovations in denture care and implant dentistry.

Nervous denture patients are welcome at Changing Faces® Manchester, where they will find an informal and relaxed approach to dentistry. Rest assured that Changing Faces® Manchester will do all they can to help you feel confident about treatment for new dentures. The clinic offers free consultations to denture wearers and to those who are interested in the benefits of implant retained dentures.


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