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Kalpesh Bohara

As a result of badly fitting dentures, many denture wearers often have speech problems, difficulty with eating solid foods and sunken cheeks that make them look older. Changing Faces® complete dentures have an anti-ageing action due to their dual effect of restoring the mouth and adding proportional volume to the face, lifting the cheeks to give a more youthful appearance. All dentures crafted by Clinical Dental Technical Jamie Wright are made with the innovative principle of Denture Genics® in mind, whereby the final appearance of the dentures is influenced by an individual's personality, age and gender. Denture Genics® is a concept that is only available at Changing Faces® Denture Clinics.

In addition to complete dentures, Clinical Dental Technician Jamie Wright provides a wide range of partial dentures tailored to the individual's needs. For those patients that need partial dentures, a thorough oral health assessment is first carried out by a Dentist to ensure that any gum disease is under control and to resolve any other dental health issues such as tooth decay.

Jamie Wright

For individuals that require dentures secured to implants, Changing Faces® can provide implant-retained dentures by working alongside Implant Dentist, Kalpesh Bohara. Implant-retained dentures can greatly improve your ability to eat the foods you want, speak with confidence and smile the way nature intended. Kalpesh Bohara is a highly qualified Implant Dentist, his postgraduate qualifications include a Diploma in Implant Dentistry, he is a member of the Faculty of Dental Surgeons at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and also holds a certificate in Advanced Restorative Dentistry at the world renowned Eastman Dental Institute.

Kalpesh and Jamie regularly attend postgraduate courses to further their knowledge and stay ahead of the field in implant dentistry and Clinical Dental Technology.


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