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Wayne Riley

Changing Faces® Denture Clinic in Kent has 2 locations within the Kent Smile Studio dental practices in Maidstone and Walderslade. Both Changing Faces® Denture Clinics in Kent are managed and run by Clinical Dental Technician, Wayne Riley.

Wayne has over 30 years experience in the crafting of dentures. He qualified in 1981 as a Dental Technician following which he undertook extensive post-graduate training in oral surgery hospital departments both in the UK and overseas. Following this he opened his own dental laboratory business, which focussed on providing dentists with high quality dentures using the latest techniques and best materials available. Wayne takes an artistic and detailed approach to hand-crafting bespoke dentures for every patient.

Wayne is currently studying towards a Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology at the University of Central Lancashire. This course will further build on his skills to ensure that all his patients receive the very best dentures. Wayne believes in a life-long approach to education and has attended numerous denture and implant related courses and training events all over the world. Wayne is passionate about staying ahead of the curve and updating his knowledge with advances and developments in the field and this is one of the main reasons he has pursued a Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology.

Wayne is dedicated to helping patients that have experienced problems with loose and impractical dentures for many years. He gains a great deal of satisfaction in improving the quality of life and confidence of patients through his work. Wayne has a large number of testimonials received from his patients whose lives he has changed for the better and is proud of the rapport that he has built with each person under his care.

Team care

Wayne works alongside Kent Smile Studio's Implant Dentist, Dr Shushil Dattani, whose expertise and reputation has been developed over the last 15 years. To perfect his clinical skills Shushil has undertaken many years of postgraduate education. Following his dental degree in 2000, he completed a 2 year course and membership to the Faculty of General Dental Practice at the Royal College of Surgeons. Following this he spent a further 2 years pursuing a Diploma in Implant Dentistry at the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons of England. He has also completed an MSc in implant dentistry at the University of Leeds and has trained at the Dawson Institute, which is an American based training academy in cosmetic dentistry.

Changing Faces® Denture Clinic in Kent provides implant-retained dentures, which aims to ease the discomfort caused by loose and unstable dentures - perfect for patients looking for a stable, secure solution to wearing removable dentures. Further to this, the practice also provides permanent fixed teeth for patients which require a long-term replacement for missing teeth, following an extraction, and for failing crowns and bridges that are worn and need to be replaced.

Complete Dentures & Partial dentures

Changing Faces® full dentures crafted by Wayne incorporate Denture Genics®, an approach that takes into account your gender. In addition to perfect appearance and function, the dentures will also ensure your face is restored to the correct proportions, supporting your cheeks and lips, giving you a more youthful appearance known as the Changing Faces® Effect. Wayne mastered these advanced techniques through the successful completion of an intensive programme which took place over five days at the Changing Faces® Academy of Clinical Dental Technology.

The clinic offers patients a full range of precision partial dentures. Dentist Shushil Dattani will first ensure your oral health is good and that you don't have any outstanding problems that require treatment, before passing on your requirements to Wayne.


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