Changing Faces® Kent Denture Stabilisation Clinics

Providing Patients with an Exceptional Experience

You will not find Changing Faces® denture stabilisation clinics everywhere, as we only operate in select dental practices. The Kent denture stabilisation clinic is situated within the welcoming surroundings of the 2 Kent Smile Studio dental practices in Maidstone and Walderslade. Here we offer solutions to the numerous problems and issues associated with loose dentures. We collaborate with Implant Dentists who share the Changing Faces® vision, and who are dedicated to providing patients with a high quality of care.

Our denture stabilisation clinics in Kent offer practical and proven solutions to secure loose dentures. Clinical Dental Technician, Wayne Riley, and Implant Dentist, Shushil Dattani work together to ensure patients receive implant-retained dentures that closely resemble the feel and look of natural teeth.

Shushil graduated from the Royal London in 2000 following which he undertook extensive postgraduate education he has attained membership to the Faculty of General Dental Practice at the Royal College of Surgeons, a Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons (England). He has also completed an MSc in implant dentistry at the University of Leeds and has trained at the Dawson Institute in advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques. Shushil also provides private one to one training to up and coming implant dentists who are looking to improve their skills.

Proven Solutions Give Excellent Results

Our denture stabilisation clinics in Kent combine the skills and knowledge of an Implant Dentist with the technical abilities of a highly-experienced Clinical Dental Technician. This makes sure all denture wearers under each clinic's care receives an outstanding level of treatment and service.

The benefits of such a unique combination of skills include:

  • A consultation with both a Clinical Dental Technician and Implant Dentist simultaneously
  • Two highly experienced and qualified dental professionals will carry out treatment
  • Dentures fabricated using the best quality materials available, using cutting-edge natural looking biomaterials
  • A new, revolutionary experience in dental care, delivered by a unique collaboration

*The prescription and treatment plan are the responsibility of the Dentist

Innovative Technology Provides the Best Solutions

By using the latest techniques in dentistry, as few as 2 dental implants placed in the lower jaw may support a lower denture. Four implants placed in the upper jaw is usually the minimum number required for an upper denture. Dentures can be held fixed in place with dental implants, which eases common, well-known problems associated with wearing full, removable dentures.

Dental implants emulate tooth roots and a set of complete dentures can be attached to the implants, providing unrivalled levels of stability not found with complete dentures.

Changing Faces® implant-retained dentures provides the following advantages:

  • Stable dentures that fit securely to your gums
  • Improved taste and speech, thanks to a smaller, less intrusive denture base
  • Improved ability to chew, leading to a greater enjoyment of food
  • Better digestion of food and intake of nutrition
  • A greater sense of self-confidence

Permanent fixed teeth solutions in just one day

As part of our work at Changing Faces®, we offer permanent, fixed teeth as an alternative to the discomfort and impracticality of removable dentures. With meticulous planning, this treatment can often be completed within just one day and, as such, is commonly known as Same Day Teeth. This means that you can come to your appointment in the morning with loose, uncomfortable dentures and walk out of our clinic with a functional, fixed and comfortable set of permanent teeth by the end of the day. Each arch of teeth is hand-manufactured by Changing Faces® and fixed tightly in place using immediately loaded dental implants. This treatment is also known as All-on-4™, same day smiles or teeth in a day.

The benefits of same day teeth includes:

  • Convenience - you do not need to remove your dentures when you eat or sleep and you do not need to worry about typical denture maintenance. Fixed teeth are like your own, natural teeth.
  • Comfort - your palate need to be covered by plastic, meaning greater comfort and a more natural feeling.
  • Confidence - you will be able to eat all the foods you have not been able to eat, with better taste and chewing strength


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