Changing Faces® Dentures Glasgow

Dentures can cause many problems for the wearer, but at the Changing Faces® Denture Clinic in Glasgow we’ll be providing excellent solutions to help patients get the best fitting and most aesthetically pleasing dentures available.

Changing Faces® dentures are incredibly lifelike, giving our patients increased confidence in their appearance. Our Clinical Dental Technician will work closely with patients to give them the best modern dentures to fit in with their lifestyle and personality. Part of our unique approach to dentures is the use of the high-tech Denture Genics®. This system incorporates a range of factors when designing custom dentures. Factors include age, gender and lifestyle, all of which allow us to provide the best dentures for each patient.

Using this modern technology at Changing Faces® Glasgow, we’ll be able to recreate the natural contours and volume lost from the face. This improves the smile, bite function and facial aesthetics.

The team at Changing Faces® Denture Clinic Glasgow will also look at your overall dental heath, searching for signs of decay and gum disease before proceeding with partial denture treatment.

We will use our assessment of your oral health when planning and making your unique partial dentures. This information will allow us to tailor dentures so they fit perfectly, feel comfortable and look like your natural teeth.

At the Changing Faces® Denture Clinic in Glasgow, we will also use the innovative technique of denture stabilisation using dental implants. This is a proven solution for those dealing with loose fitting dentures and offers a permanent denture stabilisation solution. Dental implants will be placed into the jawbone to replace missing tooth roots. This creates a strong and durable foundation for the dentures to be secured to, giving patients a perfect solution to denture movement and an increased bite function.

Changing Faces® Glasgow will also offer a procedure where dental implants can be implemented over the course of one day in a procedure called “Same Day Teeth’. This one-day service uses fewer dental implants than traditional dental implant treatment. Normally about four dental implants are placed in the top or bottom jaws and a full arch of teeth is fixed and anchored into place using the dental implants. This allows for very stable, secure and functional modern dentures using dental implants.

Patients will be given a free consultation to discuss the treatment options available to them and to discover more about the Changing Faces® innovative methods of modern denture treatment.


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