Denture Stabilisation Service & fixed teeth clinic Glasgow

Our Dental Implant Clinic will be based in central Glasgow where we’ll offer dental implant treatment as part of our modern denture stabilization procedure. The clinic will offer patients the very latest techniques and technology to create aesthetically pleasing, well-fitted stabilised dentures. Using the very latest methods we will be able to offer patients modern dentures using dental implants.

This will also offer a permanent solution to loose-fitting dentures that can inhibit a patient’s lifestyle in many ways. We’ll be able to replace full arches of missing teeth using as little as four dental implants on the upper or lower jaw. These will create stable foundations for an entire arch of dentures to be securely fitted onto the mouth. This treatment can even be provided in just one day.

We’ll also be able to replace a small number of lost teeth using a small amount of dental implants or more for a full arch, leaving patients with a comfortable, strong and aesthetically pleasing result.

We will examine your mouth beforehand and work closely with you using advanced digital dental planning to create the best dentures for you. Digital technology means we’ll be able to plan treatment in advance and see predictable results on screen, so you’ll be able to see exactly how the results will look after treatment.

Benefits of our service include:

  • A team-centred approach
  • Innovative planning technology used
  • Modern and innovate treatment facility
  • Use of the very latest dental technology and materials used to create modern dentures which are incredibly natural looking

Loose Dentures and unhealthy teeth replacement options

Implant retained denture treatment

An entire arch of dentures can be securely fitted to as little as four dental implants on the upper arch and two on the bottom arch.

Benefits of implant retained dentures:

  • Dentures are fitted to the dental implants, offering a secure and long lasting foundation.
  • Denture base is smaller and does not cover the roof of the mouth increasing comfort levels.
  • Bite function is more in line with natural bite strength after treatment.
  • Chewing function is increased so a wide variety of foods can be consumed
  • Healthier food options available as no food group is out of bounds

Permanently fixed teeth

Dental implants can be used to replace natural tooth roots in order to provide a permanent structure for entire tooth arches. This creates more comfort in the mouth, better aesthetics to the mouth and jaw area and creates strong bite and chewing functions.

Changing Faces® uses a technique called “Same Day Teeth” which is also known as a number of other treatment names such as All-On-Four and Teeth in a Day. Generally either four or six dental implants are placed in the gum, close to the jawbone and then custom arches are attached to the implants, creating a strong and secure foundation. This treatment can often be completed in a day making use of our innovative dental technology and highly skilled staff.

Benefits of Permanently Fixed Teeth:

  • Permanent teeth offer patients the closest they will come to having natural teeth again. They don’t need to be removed and can be cleaned in exactly the same way as natural teeth.
  • Bite is strengthened as is chewing ability so patients can eat whatever they choose
  • No plastic plate is used or upper denture which improves comfort levels, speech ability and taste function
  • Permanent teeth treatment can be performed in just a day*

* Temporary arches are used before permanent arches are fitted three to six months later


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