Changing Faces® Dentures Gateshead

Gateshead’s Changing Faces® Denture Clinic is situated at the state of the art clinic in Chapman Dental Solutions. This clinic is run by Clinical Dental Technician Ross Chapman, a highly experienced expert in providing bespoke, natural looking dentures and dental prostheses tailored to meet his patients’ needs, who works alongside Andrew Dixon to provide high quality denture treatments.

Ross Chapman

Before any denture treatment begins, all new patients will be offered a comprehensive check-up of their dental and oral health by one of the dental experts at Chapman Dental Solutions. If you are missing one or a number of teeth then partial dentures are also available, which use light alloy frames as a precise and comfortable alternative to bulky plastic denture bases.

Ross is a graduate from Newcastle University, who has experience working in the military, providing dental and maxillofacial treatment in the UK and overseas. He has also completed further studies in the fields of advanced orthodontics, advanced prosthetics, implantology, as well as completing a Higher National Diploma in Oral and Maxillofacial Prosthetics and Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University. Dental technology is his primary passion, wanting to treat his patients with the latest advances in denture technology, including bespoke implant retained cosmetic dentures with the Changing Faces® Effect.

Ross has a particularly artistic eye for creating comfortable dentures which are life-like and often indistinguishable from natural teeth. Ross crafts his dentures with artistic flair and accuracy and along with the dental expertise of his lead dentist Andrew Dixon, is experienced in the restorative techniques that are involved in fully restoring the mouth using complete sets of implant retained fixed teeth.

Andrew Dixon

Andrew Dixon also graduated from Newcastle University, and is a Member of the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK). He is committed to implant dentistry and has continued his professional development, with a diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. He has a particular passion for providing implant retained solutions to patients suffering from ill fitting, uncomfortable dentures.

When Ross and Andrew work together as the Changing Faces® Gateshead denture stabilisation team, our dental professionals can provide various dental implant solutions, including dentures affixed in place using a number of dental implants that completely restore the ability to chew and eat food for people wearing complete dentures, without any risk of loose dentures. They can even offer the Same Day Teeth solution, a single day procedure where a full arch of missing or very unhealthy teeth are replaced using dental implants and a fixed dental bridge.

Both Ross and Andrew at Changing Faces® Gateshead are here to help you get the smile you always wanted by tailing their dentures to fit like a dream, look natural and provide a confident enough feel to let you smile, talk and eat the foods you love.


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