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Stuart Gibson

Merseyside’s Changing Faces Denture Clinic is suitably located within Azure Dental in Formby, which is close to the city of Liverpool. The clinic is run by Clinical Dental Technician Stuart Gibson, who is highly experienced in the creation of functional, natural looking dentures that provide increased stability and comfort.

Many people experience difficulties when wearing dentures, but there are a number of solutions to increase their stability and success rate. Stuart combines creative flair with technical expertise to ensure all the Changing Faces dentures he creates are lifelike, so his patients can feel comfortable and confident with their new teeth.

Stuart Gibson began working as a dental technician in 1986, when we was just 16, during his ‘Time Served’ apprenticeship. This covered every aspect of dental technology and Stuart gained some excellent skills from the many talented tutors who helped him begin his career. In 1994, Stuart set up Gibson’s Dental Laboratory and over the last two decades he has established a well-respected laboratory that serves more than 60 dentists in the North Staffordshire and South Cheshire area.

Stuart works closely with Principal Dentist Dan Hines at the Changing Faces Denture Clinic. Dan qualified from the Royal London Hospital in 1999 and spent nearly four years working on the Isle of Wight before moving to Reading. Here he spent another four years furthering his dental career and began to develop more advanced skills. He attended training courses in both the UK and the USA to gain expertise in the modern materials and technologies he now uses to provide high quality care for his clients. Dan moved from Reading to Manchester, where he worked in a specialist practice for seven years before setting up Azure Dental in Formby.

Dan works alongside Stuart to provide health checks for patients and make sure those with partial dentures are treated for signs of tooth decay and gum disease before their treatment commences. He provides Stuart with the diagnostic information necessary for planning and constructing partial dentures to meet the individual needs of the patient. This strong level of cooperation means patients receive excellent denture solutions that function perfectly and are comfortable to wear.

As well as conventional dentures, Changing Faces Formby also provides denture stabilisation using dental implants. This technique involves gently placing the implants into the jawbone to improve bite strength and denture stability. All dental implant surgery is carried out by our experienced implant dentists.

Stuart and Dan work closely with our implant dentists, who are experienced in an innovative technique completed in just one day. This is known as Same Day Teeth and uses a minimum of four dental implants placed in the upper or lower jaw. These implants anchor whole arches of teeth firmly in place to provide patients with vastly improved functionality and stability.

To learn more about how Changing Faces can transform your smile, you can arrange to see Stuart for a complimentary mini consultation. This will give you the opportunity to discuss the reasons why you want treatment and talk about the results you’d like to achieve. During this initial consultation you’ll see first-hand Stuart’s dedication and experience in creating natural looking dentures and gain a clear understanding of what to expect before treatment begins.


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