Changing Faces® Dentures Essex

Changing Faces Essex provides a vast selection of dental implant treatments and denture services in order to replace missing teeth for patients residing in Essex.

The Clinical Dental Technician at Changing Faces Essex uses premium materials and fresh techniques to create optimally functional and natural looking dentures.

Many of our clients rely on the expertise of our Clinical Dental Technician and their ability to resolve intricate clinical cases. Complete dentures by Changing Faces are created to substitute a complete arch of missing teeth, and also correct any deficiencies in facial proportions. They add volume to accomplish a healthier, more natural look. Changing Faces bespoke complete dentures are manufactured with exact tooth arrangement and shape by accounting for each patient’s personality, gender and age. This innovative approach is named Denture Genics, and guarantees your dentures will precisely match your own natural teeth.

For patients who need partial dentures, our Clinical Dental Technician works alongside a General and Cosmetic Dentist. The Dentist carries out full dental health checks and will treat any underlying problems, e.g. gum disease, to provide a secure base for partial dentures.

Changing Faces Essex provide implant-stabilised dentures as a rock-solid denture solution for patients suffering with loose dentures. Dental implants provide a firm foundation for dentures and improve chewing function and bite. We also offer the option for a permanent, non-removable solution with the clinic’s ‘Same Day Teeth’ service. This service uses fixed arches of teeth that are placed in a one-day procedure. All implant placement and surgery is performed by our Oral Surgery Dentist.


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