Changing Faces® Essex Denture Stabilisation Clinic

Our denture stabilisation clinic in Essex provides denture wearers with the opportunity to find out about dental implants and the many benefits they can present to enhance their lifestyle.

Treatment from an Implant Dentist

We are delighted to employ an Implant Dentist with expertise in dental implant placement, denture stabilisation, complex reconstructive oral surgery and same day fixed teeth.

Modern solutions for loose-fitting dentures

By merging the expertise and knowledge of our Implant Dentist with the experience of a Clinical Dental Technician, you can feel safe in the understanding that your implant-stabilised dentures will be produced and fitted to the highest of standards.

The Clinical Dental Technician and Implant Dentist work as a team to stabilise your unstable and loose dentures using dental implants. On the lower jaw, a denture can be stabilised with just two implants, and the upper jaw with as little as four.

Benefits of implant-assisted dentures at Changing Faces

  • Dentures are fitted tightly to the gums with the bone-anchored implants
  • Food can be enjoyed more due to enhanced chewing ability
  • Less of the denture base covers the palate, meaning taste sensation is improved
  • Overall digestion is improved due to better chewing ability
  • Less of the denture base covers the roof of the mouth
  • Patients can be confident that their dentures won’t move

Benefits of Changing Faces Permanent Fixed Teeth

Usually, permanent fixed teeth treatment is carried out from beginning to end in just one day. Bespoke arches of teeth are fitted in position using immediately-loaded dental implants. Here at Changing Faces Essex we call this procedure ‘Same Day Teeth’, but it can also be referred to by the names All-on-4, teeth in a day or same day smile.

We usually use between four and six dental implants in either jaw to fix a full arch of teeth into place.

  • Fixed teeth function exactly like natural teeth
  • Convenient – no need to take dentures out after eating or at night
  • Fixed teeth feel more natural and there is no plastic covering the palate
  • Patients feel confident and able to eat any kind of food as chewing ability and taste is improved
  • Treatment is usually completed in a single day, with teeth immediately attached to the implants

Benefits of implant treatment with Changing Faces Essex

  • The chance to attend a combined consultation with a Clinical Dental Technician and an Implant Dentist*
  • Treatment is carried out by two highly qualified dental professionals
  • Next generation denture teeth by Changing Faces are used for all dentures, and are made from long lasting, natural-looking biomaterials

*Implant Dentist will be responsible for treatment planning and prescribing treatment


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