Changing Faces® Dentures Edinburgh

The Edinburgh denture clinic will be expertly managed by a highly experienced Clinical Dental Technician skilled in the field of crafting and creating bespoke, comfortable dentures.

Although wearing dentures may present challenges, advances in technology and techniques at Changing Faces® clinics make it possible to achieve a more comfortable and stable fit. Because of our skill and artistry, Changing Faces® dentures look natural and aesthetically pleasing. Wearing a Changing Faces® denture that is stable, comfortable, and that looks realistic will improve your confidence and quality of life.

A unique feature of Changing Faces® complete dentures is Denture Genics®, where an individual's personality, age and gender are factors that will be taken into consideration while your dentures are being hand-crafted by our expert team. Their experience in this field will ensure that each individual tooth shape, arrangement and colour is unique to you. This method produces a more natural and youthful appearance in Changing Faces® dentures.

The diagnostic information supplied by our Implant Dentist will enable the Clinical Dental Technician to plan and construct customised partial dentures. This teamwork will result in the most comfortable, functional, and attractive partial dentures available. There will be a wide range of partial dentures available and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the options that suit your needs and budget during a free consultation.

For those patients who want a more secure denture solution or suffer from loose dentures, dental implants anchored to your jawbone to hold dentures firmly in place are an option. Denture stabilisation offers improved stability and a greater bite strength, which has numerous lifestyle benefits. The Implant Dentist will place the dental implants to secure the Changing Faces® dentures. Implant cases can be diagnosed using a state of the art 3D cone beam scanner to insure 100% accuracy in implant placement.

Our team will work together to offer patients an innovative one-day fixed teeth solution called Same Day Teeth. During this procedure, at least four dental implants will be placed into the jawbone to secure arches of teeth permanently in place. This solution offers unprecedented stability and functionality and many patients have reported that it is just like having their natural teeth back.

This procedure is completed within a single day in most cases and is also known as the same day smile, teeth in a day and All-on-4.

Free initial consultations

Your free initial consultation will give you an opportunity to discuss your goals and the treatment options available using Changing Faces® dentures. We will be happy to share our wealth of knowledge with you and answer all of your questions. If you are nervous about denture treatment rest assured that our gentle nature and approach will put you at ease.


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