Changing Faces® Dentures Central London

Jamie Wright

Robert Hayes

Pavandeep Khaira

Adarsh Thanki

Our central London denture clinic is based in Lister House on Wimpole Street and is home to our team of denture and dental implant experts with a wealth of experience in transforming patients lives. Our Clinical Dental Technician, Jamie Wright, has over 30 years experience in crafting perfect dentures: he is also one of the most experienced technicians in the UK when it comes to implant retained dentures and same day implanted teeth. Jamie is a graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons and maintains an active membership of the British Association of Clinical Dental Technology.

Away from the clinic, Jamie invests heavily in postgraduate education to improve his skills and knowledge. He recently visited Japan to study under Jiro Abe (world-renowned prosthodontist), to learn cutting edge techniques in crafting dentures with a high level of suction.

Our highly experienced dental team also includes other key members: Dentist Dr Adarsh Thanki, Implant Surgeon Dr Pav Khaira, and Senior Implant Surgeon Dr Robert Hayes. Every member of the team is dedicated to helping patients live a better life utilising the Changing Faces approach.

The team utilise the Denture Genics® approach to tailor every denture to suit a patient’s gender, age, and personality. This means they can make dentures unique to the patient, no two dentures ever look the same. Every patient receives a comprehensive oral health check to ensure that the mouth is fit and healthy and free of any gum disease.

Implant Dentist Dr Robert Hayes is an industry leader in implantology and in addition to treating patients teaches and mentors other dentists in implant dentistry. Dr Hayes is particularly experienced in the Same Day Teeth procedure. Robert works alongside fellow implant dentist Dr Pav Khaira who is also highly skilled in implant dentistry and advanced bone grafting techniques. Dr Thanki is a cosmetic and general dentist who ensures that every case is planned meticulously and with the perfect aesthetic outcome.

If you are interested in improving your current denture situation or would like to learn about implanted dentures book your FREE, no-obligation consultation today.


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