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Committed to providing you with the best possible denture experience

Denture stabilisation is a technique that requires the highest levels of precision and expertise. That’s why you’ll only find Changing Faces® denture stabilisation clinics in a few locations nationwide, where we know we can rely on the best combination of Clinical Dental Technicians and Implant Surgeons.

Our Cardiff-based denture stabilisation clinic is a case in point, where Clinical Dental Technician Mike Fuse works together with Dental Implant Surgeon Dr Guy McLellan, providing patients with implant retained dentures that have a totally lifelike appearance, stay comfortably in place and function in a truly natural way.

Excellent results

By combining the clinical expertise of a skilled Implant Dentist with a Clinical Dental Technician’s detailed understanding of occlusion and denture design, the Changing Faces® Cardiff clinic is able to feature a total package for denture patients.

  • A complete plan for your denture prescription and treatment, spearheaded by the Implant Dentist and including an initial consultation with them and the Clinical Dental Technician
  • Treatment exclusively provided by leading figures with a specialist understanding of their dental disciplines
  • Changing Faces® insists on the highest quality denture materials and implant technologies for a totally natural-looking, biocompatible and comfortable final result
  • Dedicated to caring for our patients every step of the way

Implants – the premium solution to stabilise dentures

Just as natural teeth are held in place by their roots, dentures can be securely retained using dental implants. Once the implants are inserted in the jaws, we are able to fix full dentures to them. The benefits are manifold: your dentures are held stable in exactly the right position so they do not slip around and are remarkably comfortable.

Exact implant positioning by our skilled Implant Surgeon enables us to retain a lower denture using just two dental implants, with a minimum of four implants generally needed for the upper denture and jaw.

At Changing Faces® Cardiff you can benefit from permanent fixed teeth – the ideal upgrade whether you currently have a set of poorly fitting dentures, or you have just been suffering with loose and decaying teeth.

We recommend Changing Faces® implant assisted dentures because they provide you with:

  • Less bulky denture design so there is minimal impact on the taste of food and drink and speech functions – thanks to less covering of the upper palate
  • Dentures that remain fixed in place around your gums
  • A renewed enjoyment of the foods you like due to more natural chewing functionality
  • Easier food digestion because better chewing and biting enables you to break down food properly again

Same Day Teeth – a revolutionary approach

With advance planning, the Cardiff team can often complete the denture treatment during a single day – a process that has been variously described as Teeth in a Day, Same Day Teeth, Same Day Smile, or All-on-4™. You get individually crafted full arches of Changing Faces® teeth strongly retained using dental implants. Imagine coming to our clinic in the morning with a set of poorly fitting dentures, then walking away a few hours later with a new smile – fixed, stable denture teeth that you can use immediately!

Here’s how you can benefit from the Same Day Teeth technique…

  • The appearance, feeling and function of your new teeth closely resemble your original natural dentition
  • You don’t have to put up with the rigmarole of removing dentures when you’re eating or going to sleep – they are permanently fixed in place and you clean them like normal teeth
  • It’s a comfortable way to wear dentures - your upper palette is not covered and you don’t feel as if you have a mouth full of plastic
  • Your chewing and bite functions are returned to the way they used to be – choose the food you like with confidence whenever you want


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