Changing Faces® Denture Clinic, Bournemouth offers the very latest denture solutions to new and existing denture wearers.

Partial Dentures

You’ll find full and comprehensive partial denture services provided from our hi-tech Bournemouth clinic. Partial dentures are an effective solution for restoring the gaps left after teeth go missing.

As well as restoring your smile, partial dentures can prevent more serious dental problems from developing down the line. They prevent remaining teeth from twisting, overcrowding and needing further expensive treatment to correct.

We want each of our patients to receive the best possible partial denture solution. That’s why we work with specialist oral surgeon and dentist Mr Sami Stagnell. He can provide a full dental exam to treat gum disease, tooth decay and ensure you receive a partial denture to suit you.

We offer partial dentures in plastic, flexible material or light alloy - each of which is perfect for replacing one or several missing teeth.

Complete Dentures

Changing Faces® Bournemouth also offers full dentures to restore your smile and help you get back some of the facial volume that is lost when teeth go missing.

We use a leading-edge Denture Genics® to design and produce dentures suited to your age, personality, gender and more.

As well as restoring your smile, our complete dentures can restore facial proportions and help you achieve a more youthful appearance.

If you already have total tooth loss and depleted jawbone, you’ll be pleased to know about our Swiss Dentures. Swiss Dentures feature a special pestle-and-mortar style design on rear teeth for improved bite function.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a series of small titanium screws implanted in the jaw to replace the teeth’s natural root. Our clinical dental technician Lee Butler works in partnership with oral surgeon Sami Stagnell to provide secure, long-lasting implants which look and feel just like real teeth. They are the perfect solution for patients troubled by missing teeth, failing crowns and bridges, loose dentures or poor oral health.

Same Day Teeth

Our revolutionary Same Day Teeth procedure lets patients experience the life-changing power of dental implants in a single, comfortable one-day treatment.

Same Day Teeth uses just four dental implants to support each row of teeth - that’s why they are sometimes referred to as All-on-Four.

The same Day Teeth procedure lets you arrive at our clinic in the morning and leave in time for lunch with a whole new set of permanent replacement teeth.

Provisional Dentures

If you lose teeth, you probably don’t want to show your new gap to the whole world. Here at Changing Faces® we offer provisional dentures which can be placed on the same day as your tooth loss or extraction.

Rest assured, our team will go above and beyond to ensure you don’t spend a single day worrying about the appearance of your smile.


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