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Lee Butler

Changing Faces® Bournemouth clinic is managed by Lee Butler - an experienced dental technician who can offer patients a solution to even the most complex of dental health challenges.

Lee works with specialist oral surgeon Mr Sami Stagnell, who provides Lee and the clinic with comprehensive dental health checks and implantology support.

To improve the aesthetics and functionality lost when teeth go missing, Sami and Lee use in-depth diagnostic information gathered using the latest in treatment technology to design bespoke partial or full dentures.

Lee also uses the unique Denture Genics® approach to denture design, which ensures each individual tooth complements patients’ age, gender, personality and more.

Sami and Lee also work in partnership to provide implant-retained dentures. These are an excellent improvement for those who struggle with loose or poorly fitted dentures. Implant-retained dentures improve aesthetics and functionality, allowing patients to smile, laugh and eat with confidence once again.

Lee Butler’s experience and expertise have been recognised with top national awards and certifications. He was highly commended at the National Dental Awards and was one of the UK’s first dental technicians to complete diplomas with The Royal College of Surgeons of England. He has also completed training at the prestigious George Brown College of Canada and is an active member of the Wessex Implant Society and the British Association of Clinical Dental Technology.

To experience Lee’s commitment to excellence first hand, why not book a consultation at Changing Faces®. Our complete and partial dentures can restore your confidence and smile to give you a whole new lease of life.


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