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Lee Butler

The Changing Faces® clinic in Bournemouth lets patients experience the functional aesthetic and lifestyle benefits of life with stable dentures retained by long-lasting implants. Working alongside specialist oral surgeon Mr Sami Stagnell, Changing Faces’® clinical dental technician Lee Butler provides solutions for stabilising dentures with bone-anchored titanium.

The team uses the latest in digital planning and placement technology to obtain consistently precise and excellent results.

The advantages of implant-retained dentures from The Changing Faces® team include:

  • An in-depth dual consultation with clinical dental technician Lee Butler and oral surgeon Mr Sami Stagnell.*
  • Treatment planned and carried out by two of the area’s foremost implant experts.
  • State-of-the-art, natural looking dentures produced using the highest quality biomaterials

*Oral surgeon Sami Stagnell carries out the procedure and planning.

Implant-assisted dentures from Changing Faces

Our team can secure dentures using just four implants in the upper jaw and two implants in the lower jaw.

Our patients enjoy a host of advantages:

  • Improved, diet, chewing function, digestion and health
  • No more worries about loose dentures when laughing, talking or eating
  • No more forbidden foods
  • Less covering on the roof of the mouth means improved comfort and taste
  • Improved speech
  • Feels just like having permanent fixed teeth again

Our team can now place permanent arches of teeth in a single day. We call this treatment Same Day Teeth. During the procedure, Lee and Sami use 4-6 implants to restore function and aesthetics to both the upper and lower jaws.

Why Same Day Teeth?

  • Treatment is complete in a single day
  • You no longer need to wear a complete denture or remove your dentures for bedtime and meals
  • Improved bite function lets you eat any food
  • Same Day Teeth look and feel just like real teeth
  • No need for as plastic palate, so taste is greatly improved


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