CHANGING ‘experiences’ at our Devon based clinic.

Andrew Taylor
Clinical Dental Technician

It seems that our Clinical Dental Technician colleague, Andrew Taylor, does much more than just give someone their smile back. Our customer relations team have had a influx of patient testimonials from those who have received treatment from Andrew at his Devon based clinics proving just what a life like set of Changing Faces dentures can do for someone’s self esteem and inner confidence.

Read for yourself the amazing testimonials below. If you would like to experience Andrew’s professional denture service please call Exeter, 01392 771 103 or Barnstaple, 01271 470 028

“The morning after the tooth fairy paid her a visit, my granddaughter came to see me. We got chatting – and full of excitement she said to me, “You’ve got lovely teeth Gramps”. “Ah, yes” I replied, “my tooth fairy’s name is Andrew” – at which she burst out laughing, “oh, you are so silly…”

But it really does seem as if Clinical Dental Technician Andrew Taylor has indeed spun some magic in creating for me a set of complete Changing Faces dentures. And the change was immediate. Not only did my whole face have an instant lift, with sunken features around my mouth and lips restored – but my old smile was there again.

I was back in the world – happy again, with an inner confidence – talking and laughing with family and friends, which, I must confess, hadn’t happened for a long time without feeling the need at times to cover my mouth with my hand – a mouth full of 25 year old worn and ill fitting dentures.

My new teeth have definitely given me a new lease of life when it comes to eating – lifting me up and away from my usual diet that consisted mainly of soups. It’s now a pleasure to relax in restaurants once again, and to eat and enjoy a wide and wholesome selection of solid foods. Food I enjoyed years ago – and with teeth that feel as if they actually do belong to me.

And these are not brilliant white rows of plastic teeth – like piano keys, each and all the same – displaying no character whatsoever. The shape and colour of each tooth has been meticulously chosen to fit my mouth – taking into account my age and appearance – and also my personality. Andrew Taylor took the necessary time to get to know quite a lot about the real me – and as far as I’m concerned the resulting set of complete dentures could not be bettered. Throughout all four sessions I attended, his enthusiasm for getting it right has been second to none. I can’t thank him enough.

Ken – North Devon

“I went to Changing Faces for my dentures and I left feeling very happy with myself. I have always had a severe phobia of going to the dentist. I was only 16 when I had all my top teeth removed. I had some cavities and some were crooked. Dentistry in those days wasn’t like it is today! I am sure today my natural teeth could have been saved. I was very young, insecure and totally devastated, it had a huge impact on my life and I had no confidence, no self-esteem. I hated looking at myself in the mirror; I would physically cringe when anyone stared at my mouth.

I have only ever had two sets of dentures in 43 years, because I was too scared and ashamed to go to the dentist and I didn’t want anyone to see me without them.

I knew I didn’t look good and I needed new dentures, so I started browsing the Internet and came across Changing Faces. I plucked up the courage to make an appointment. As soon as I left after the first consultation with my dental technician I was very excited and optimistic. I had looked at the before and after pictures on the website and thought that I would never be able to look like that.

Well today I am very happy, I look so different, happier, smiley. I feel amazing. I now have loads of confidence and even strike up conversations with people I have never met. My mouth is not sunken anymore and the new dentures have changed the shape of my face, exactly what Andrew had promised. I told him what my ‘dream teeth’ were like and they are exactly what he has made for me.

The whole experience has been relaxed, friendly, with everything explained to me in great detail. I am very happy to say my ‘phobia’ of dentists has now completely gone.

Changing Faces has totally changed my life. I have always longed to have the teeth I now have. It is a dream come true and I am very happy”.

Doreen – Exeter

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