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Making Manchester Smile

March 6th, 2012

Kiss Dental Manchester, has recently become home to highly experienced Clinical Dental Technician Marc Northover, who is bringing a wealth of experience to the award winning Kiss Dental team.

Marc says, “Many people find they need dentures as they go through life, and most
 of us have probably met someone whose false teeth don’t fit very well. They may also have difficulty eating and lack confidence with sagging facial muscles that make them look older. Patients can also suffer from severe periodontal gum disease, advanced tooth loss and have failing crowns and bridges along with loose teeth. At Changing Faces® our team can help with all these issues and continue to make sure that Manchester stays smiling”.

As a patient of Changing Faces®, people can experience first hand the clinic’s winning combination. Kiss Dental’s founding Dentist, Kailesh Solanki and Clinical Dental Technician, Marc are highly experienced in all aspects of denture provision and have both received awards commending their high standard of patient care.

Marc Northover

Kailesh Solanki

  • Dentistry Awards 2007 – Best Young Dentist North West
  • Private Dentistry Awards 2007 – Kiss Dental, UK Practice of the Year
  • Dental Awards 2009 – Clinical Dental Technician of the Year
  • Dental Awards 2010 – Clinical Dental Technician of the Year

The clinic ensures that the world’s most innovative solutions for missing teeth are available by offering permanent teeth fixed
 to dental implants in just one day, a procedure made possible by Marcs technical expertise and Dentist Kailesh clinical skills in implant dentistry.

As well as restoring the smile, Changing Faces® dentures also offer a unique dual effect by restoring the lost teeth and correcting the proportions of the face – adding volume and achieving a more natural, youthful look. Implant retained dentures are also available and allow denture wearers to chew their food properly without their dentures moving around.

Appointments are also available with Kailesh for patients in need of general or cosmetic dentistry. He is extremely experienced in treating patients with high cosmetic expectations and for those in need of general dentistry as part of their denture treatment.

As a new Changing Faces® clinic they have already begun to attract patients from all over the Manchester area. Wearing dentures shouldn’t have to be an awkward experience. The Manchester based Changing Faces team will do everything they can to help patients feel self- assured about their denture care.

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