Continued Professional Development Across Changing Faces Network

May 2nd, 2014

A strong commitment to continued professional development continues across the Changing Faces® network. Four Changing Faces Clinical Dental Technicians recently attended a training course at the London Dental Education Centre – the world-renowned post-qualification training facility at Kings College London Dental Institute.

Bill Sharpling, also a Changing Faces CDT and working at Changing Faces Surrey and Changing Faces Harley Street, is Director of this prestigious education centre. Bill led the course for the CDT’s which provided them with the skills to work alongside their Dentist colleagues carrying out dental implant related procedures as well as tooth whitening. For more information about how implant dentures can improve satisfaction please click here

Joe Douglas (Changing Faces South & North Yorkshire), Mark Tinker (Changing Faces, Derbyshire), Lee Butler (Changing Faces Hampshire) and Roddy Patterson (Changing Faces, Leicestershire & Nottinghamshire) all attended.

Like all Changing Faces CDTs Joe, Mark, Lee and Roddy continually update their skills and knowledge and these four now have the necessary training to meet General Dental Council guidelines for CDT further training and education.

At least three more CDTs from Changing Faces (Devon, Sussex and Cornwall) will be attending the next course, meaning even more of our experts will have the necessary skills to carry out treatments that will help further improve denture provision.

Denture Wearers: Can you turn back the hands of time?

January 2nd, 2014

Another year has passed and you may be thinking how you can turn back the hands of time. Can you get back to chewing comfortably? Is there a way to stop using that nasty tasting denture adhesive? Can you get the enjoyment and taste of food back? Can you look younger? If you are a compete denture wearer, answering these questions sounds like your ideal list of New Year’s resolutions and you are tired of the constant social embarrassment, then maybe it is time you considered dental implants.

The turkey and all the trimmings always looks amazing but you dared not eat it as you knew you wouldn’t have been able to chew it in front of your friends and loved ones.  Dental implants act like anchors. Consider them as a replacement to the roots of teeth. Just two implants in your lower jaw will help to firmly anchor a complete denture in place. No more than four implants are needed to secure an upper denture and that mean’s you can lose the thick plastic palate too. No more denture adhesive, sore spots, embarrassing moments or feeling anxious about eating. Just get back to the life you deserve without experiencing all the usual denture problems.

Over the Christmas period it’s not unusual for denture wearers to hide their smile from the cameras or be afraid to even laugh through fear of their dentures coming loose. Even worse the wrinkles from the loss of jawbone and support from the natural teeth may show up on all the Christmas photos making you feel and look older. Correctly designed dentures that help reduce sagging cheeks, wrinkles and the signs of aging. Once anchored to dental implants, your dentures will not only make you look good for your age but you may even look younger!

Can you turn back the hands of time? Yes! It’s entirely possible to customise and convert a complete an upper or lower denture to an interim bridge. Next we can fix it solidly in place with dental implants, whilst a metal reinforced, long-term bridge is produced and fitted at a later date. Many of our Changing Faces denture professionals work with implant dentists to offer you this life changing solution to your predicament.

Customise your full denture to –

  • Feel and look like natural teeth
  • Brush them like natural teeth
  • Eat where and what you want
  • No plastic palate
  • Same day procedure

If you want to look younger and feel happier then begin 2014 with your FREE consultation with one of our denture experts and find out how implant assisted dentures or fixed teeth could change your life.

Call our friendly team FREE on 0800 772 0605

Same Day Teeth, Confidence and Comfort

August 7th, 2013

Our Changing Faces denture experts, Marc Northover and Brendan Hudson, are now working closely with their Dentist colleagues piloting a revolutionary ‘Same Day Teeth’ service. Patients attending their clinics, who are facing the loss of all remaining teeth, may now choose to have fixed teeth as an alternative to conventional full dentures and could even avoid the need for an interim set of dentures altogether.

Many people get on fine with their dentures, particularly those made at Changing Faces, but tell those that are faced with the prospect of wearing full dentures for the first time that their dentures can be altered to become fixed arches of teeth, then they will be very keen to know more.

By use of the very latest 3d jaw scanning technology and advanced computer software Changing Faces Dentists, Marcus Gambroudes and Nigel Hargreaves, are able to simulate the placement of dental implants into the jawbone and produce 3d resin jaws. This combined with expert planning and pre-manufactured arches of teeth, the Same Day Teeth teams are able to remove remaining unhealthy teeth, place dental implants and attach new arches of teeth in a single day procedure. It’s a trend that continues to become more and more popular and is why the Same Day Teeth service was created.

Marcus Gambroudes says –

“Over the last few years we have noticed an increase in the number of patients that need their last few teeth removing. For many years they have avoided the Dentist through the fear of the loss of their remaining teeth. Sadly for the majority too much time has past and due to poor oral health their teeth must be removed. Understandably, for many this final bit of bad news is devastating. But the great news is many of these patients have enough bone for dental implants. The thought of conventional full dentures, especially for people who have never worn them before, can cause nightmares. To have fixed teeth, made by the Changing Faces experts is a very appealing choice. And to have them fixed in place during a single day procedure is simply life changing”.

Changing Faces Clinical Dental Technicians have the skills needed to create completely lifelike arches of teeth so this is a very good use of their skills and benefits patients immensely.

  • Do you wear full dentures and find them uncomfortable and difficult to manage?
  • Have you been told your remaining teeth are no longer healthy and that complete dentures are your only answer?
  • Did you know that the Same Day Teeth experts could convert your complete dentures into fixed teeth?
  • Do you have a few teeth remaining and would like your smile to look much more attractive?

The unique Same Day Teeth service offers an attractive and long-term solution to the complete loss of teeth. It is exclusively available from Changing Faces Sutton Coldfield, Solihull and Halifax.

Fore more information on this life changing service visit or call 0800 772 0635.

CHANGING ‘experiences’ at our Devon based clinic.

June 24th, 2013

Andrew Taylor
Clinical Dental Technician

It seems that our Clinical Dental Technician colleague, Andrew Taylor, does much more than just give someone their smile back. Our customer relations team have had a influx of patient testimonials from those who have received treatment from Andrew at his Devon based clinics proving just what a life like set of Changing Faces dentures can do for someone’s self esteem and inner confidence.

Read for yourself the amazing testimonials below. If you would like to experience Andrew’s professional denture service please call Exeter, 01392 771 103 or Barnstaple, 01271 470 028

“The morning after the tooth fairy paid her a visit, my granddaughter came to see me. We got chatting – and full of excitement she said to me, “You’ve got lovely teeth Gramps”. “Ah, yes” I replied, “my tooth fairy’s name is Andrew” – at which she burst out laughing, “oh, you are so silly…”

But it really does seem as if Clinical Dental Technician Andrew Taylor has indeed spun some magic in creating for me a set of complete Changing Faces dentures. And the change was immediate. Not only did my whole face have an instant lift, with sunken features around my mouth and lips restored – but my old smile was there again.

I was back in the world – happy again, with an inner confidence – talking and laughing with family and friends, which, I must confess, hadn’t happened for a long time without feeling the need at times to cover my mouth with my hand – a mouth full of 25 year old worn and ill fitting dentures.

My new teeth have definitely given me a new lease of life when it comes to eating – lifting me up and away from my usual diet that consisted mainly of soups. It’s now a pleasure to relax in restaurants once again, and to eat and enjoy a wide and wholesome selection of solid foods. Food I enjoyed years ago – and with teeth that feel as if they actually do belong to me.

And these are not brilliant white rows of plastic teeth – like piano keys, each and all the same – displaying no character whatsoever. The shape and colour of each tooth has been meticulously chosen to fit my mouth – taking into account my age and appearance – and also my personality. Andrew Taylor took the necessary time to get to know quite a lot about the real me – and as far as I’m concerned the resulting set of complete dentures could not be bettered. Throughout all four sessions I attended, his enthusiasm for getting it right has been second to none. I can’t thank him enough.

Ken – North Devon

“I went to Changing Faces for my dentures and I left feeling very happy with myself. I have always had a severe phobia of going to the dentist. I was only 16 when I had all my top teeth removed. I had some cavities and some were crooked. Dentistry in those days wasn’t like it is today! I am sure today my natural teeth could have been saved. I was very young, insecure and totally devastated, it had a huge impact on my life and I had no confidence, no self-esteem. I hated looking at myself in the mirror; I would physically cringe when anyone stared at my mouth.

I have only ever had two sets of dentures in 43 years, because I was too scared and ashamed to go to the dentist and I didn’t want anyone to see me without them.

I knew I didn’t look good and I needed new dentures, so I started browsing the Internet and came across Changing Faces. I plucked up the courage to make an appointment. As soon as I left after the first consultation with my dental technician I was very excited and optimistic. I had looked at the before and after pictures on the website and thought that I would never be able to look like that.

Well today I am very happy, I look so different, happier, smiley. I feel amazing. I now have loads of confidence and even strike up conversations with people I have never met. My mouth is not sunken anymore and the new dentures have changed the shape of my face, exactly what Andrew had promised. I told him what my ‘dream teeth’ were like and they are exactly what he has made for me.

The whole experience has been relaxed, friendly, with everything explained to me in great detail. I am very happy to say my ‘phobia’ of dentists has now completely gone.

Changing Faces has totally changed my life. I have always longed to have the teeth I now have. It is a dream come true and I am very happy”.

Doreen – Exeter

Making Scotland Smile

May 21st, 2013

Caroline Kirkpatrick

It has been a pleasure for our Changing Faces Clinical Dental Technicians in England to meet the many patients from Scotland that have travelled to our clinics to experience our denture service for themselves and benefit from Changing Faces dentures and the positive effect they have on the many aspects of their life. For some time Changing Faces has been seeking to work with a Clinical Dental Technician in Scotland who has the skills needed to provide a premium denture service. We are very pleased to announce that we now have, as part of the Changing Faces team, a very talented Clinical Dental Technician called Caroline Kirkpatrick. Caroline’s service is now exclusively available within the Berkeley Clinic, Glasgow and Ivy Dental in Edinburgh.

  • Do your dentures look false?
  • Are your dentures impractical, loose and uncomfortable?
  • Have you lost all your natural teeth and look older as a consequence?
  • Would you like to be treated directly by Scotland’s only Changing Faces denture expert?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then Caroline can help you. Patient’s that have already visited and been treated at Caroline’s newly launched clinics have been amazed at the results. We thought the testimonial below recently sent to our customer relations team, summarised just what an amazing effect a set of Caroline’s Changing Faces dentures can have on someone’s life.

“I would like to say a very big (smiley) thank you to Caroline for giving me back my smile and confidence.  Having had to wear dentures from early teenage years due to gum disease, I have suffered a great lack of confidence in my personal appearance for many years.  Having come across Changing Faces Denture Clinic while searching the Internet, I felt sure this was what I have been looking for some time. I initially visited the Changing Faces last year in England for a consultation and when I was in a position to go forward with treatment, I learned that Changing Faces had just opened their first clinic in Glasgow. 

Caroline my Clinical Dental Technician immediately made me feel at ease and explained the whole process to me and this has been painless and comfortable throughout. Not only do my new dentures look like real teeth, but they also shine like real teeth and feel like real teeth. They fit really well and have been comfortable from day one. Caroline’s expertise also helped correct a long-standing jaw misalignment and my face (and smile) is much more symmetrical. And if that were not enough, the unique Changing Faces process has also given my whole face a lift; I feel I have cheekbones again and amazingly, Caroline has restored my lips and lower jawline to the shape and proportions they were many years ago!  I even feel I’m smiling when I’m not smiling =-).  So, thank you so much Caroline, and I wish you great success in your Glasgow clinic”.

EM, Glasgow patient.

To book your complimentary consultation call our national number free on
0800 772 0605 or speak to the clinics directly on Edinburgh, 0131 235 2013 or Glasgow, 0141 844 0515

Changing Faces® team attend the 1st International Opinion Leaders meeting on Full Arch Prosthetics

April 2nd, 2013

Changing Faces® Clinical Dental Technicians, Andrew Taylor and Marc Northover, recently presented at the prestigious International Centre for Dental Education during the 1st International Opinion Leaders meeting for Clinical Dental Technicians, held at the headquarters of Ivoclar Vivadent, Liechtenstein; a company which is widely considered to be the leading manufacturer of the worlds most realistic denture teeth.

Changing Faces® colleagues, CDT’s Bill Sharpling and Sandra Davey Snuggs, plus other special guests from the dental industry also attended the meeting including CDT Carl Fenwick from the CDT Alumni. Over 4 days Andrew and Marc passed on as much knowledge as they could to the group on the subject of full arch prosthetics with a special focus from Andrew on methods he uses to re create the natural gingiva, including a hands on demonstration offering tips and tricks for gum contouring in wax and the final replication using the precision injection molding denture base system, SR Ivobase.

Andrew said –

“When patients wear such lifelike dentures it makes a real difference to how they feel about themselves. I know this because my patients tell me what a positive effect the dentures I have made for them have had on their life. Creating the illusion of the natural teeth and gums is an important part of a CDT’s work. The products I use from Ivoclar Vivadent really help me to achieve a true to life result. It was a pleasure to pass on the benefits of my experience in using them during this unique meeting”

Similar courses are planned for CDT’s looking to enhance their skills with the next courses scheduled for October and November 2013. Any CDT’s or KSS Alumni members looking to take their carrier to the next level would be welcome to attend. To reserve your place contact Ivoclar Vivadent on – 0116 284 7880 or for more information go to –

“This course was a fantastic opportunity for me to work alongside leaders in the CDT profession. The course tutors were always there to provide first class, hands on advice and guidance, in a superbly equipped teaching environment. Having worked for 25 years in dentistry I not only learned new techniques but also ways of improving my existing skills that I was able to start using as soon as I got back to my own practice. I highly recommend it to any CDT”

Carl Fenwick, The CDT Alumni

Participants, lecturers, staff and patients of the 1st International Opinion Leaders Meeting, Ivoclar Vivadent, Liechtenstein.

Changing Faces®, smiles, lives and expectations!

February 25th, 2013

By working alongside Implant Dentist Kalpesh Bohara, Clinical Dental Technician, Roddy Patterson can create dentures that can be anchored to the jawbone by use of dental implants. For those complete denture wearers that have chosen to undergo implant therapy at Roddy’s Leicestershire based clinic, the results speak for themselves, with patients going on to lead far more healthier and happier lifestyles as a result of their implant assisted dentures.

Roddy often receives thank you notes from his patients which reveal much more than just a positive change with their smile and appearance.

Dear Roddy,

I want to pass on my sincere thanks for your superb professional services over these recent months. Your dedication and detailed approach towards affording me my new dentures, and subsequent implant implementation, have indeed dramatically changed my life.

Having suffered from gradual teeth loss, due to gum disease, over a period of 13 years I can now at last feel comfortable with friends and family both eating and conversing. In hindsight I wish I had done this much sooner but the financial implications was always placing a barrier in front of me. If I put the clock back I would not hesitate to doing anything to raise the capital because there is no other single item in life that is more important. Any user of full dentures will know exactly what I mean.

I will go further and say that I have no hesitation in recommending your clients to upgrade to implants. If any of them would like to speak to me I would be pleased to give them the benefit of my “first hand” experience on both the implant surgery and the “clips” that lock the full denture into place.

Thank you Roddy, you truly are my hero!!!!!

Yours sincerely,

James Minns

Smiles all round at Changing Faces® Halifax

January 14th, 2013

Our Halifax-based denture clinic has been receiving testimonials from patients on a weekly basis since its launch in October 2012. Patients attending the clinic are treated by Dental Technician, Brendan Hudson, who has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of dental technology. Currently enrolled on a diploma course in Clinical Dental Technology, Brendan treats patients directly within the relaxed surroundings of the Northern Centre of Excellence in Dentistry, a modern practice in the centre of Halifax where treatment is completed according to the standards of the University of Central Lancashire’s Diploma course in Clinical Dental Technology. The clinic believes teamwork is key with Brendan working side by side his clinical mentor and Implant Dentist, Nigel Hargreaves.

Mrs Margaret Birch was so impressed with Brendan’s expertise and caring manner, she wrote –

“I was only 37 years old when I began wearing dentures, which was the culmination of a long history of dental problems. Due to my experiences I became terrified of visiting a dental establishment and therefore retained the same set of dentures for the following 36 years. These became very worn and when I went on a diet and lost weight they were very loose. I knew the time had come when I had to conquer my fear.

I read an advertisement for ‘Changing Faces’ and looked it up online. I was impressed by the images and the information, and with much trepidation made an appointment. I need not have worried—what a wonderful team. Brendan (my Technician) recognised my fear and worked very hard to put me at ease, as did the other members of staff, and I soon began to relax. He helped me to choose my new look after studying me whilst chatting and, after some very careful fittings, I finally went home with my new teeth… what a difference. They felt very different from my old dentures, but very comfortable from the outset, and the look was superb and very natural—almost as if I had my own teeth back again! I can smile without feeling embarrassed and feel confident and happy. I could not be more delighted.

Well done Brendan & Co, you have made me a new woman and I can’t thank you enough.”

Changing Faces® Denture Clinic, Bristol

December 29th, 2012

Making You Smile. In just one day!

This Autumn has seen the Bristol based Changing Faces® Denture Clinic, run by Clinical Dental Technician Nick Rush, further enhance its reputation as a premium denture provider. By working alongside Dentist, Neil Gerrard and the team at Clifton Dental Studio, Nick has completed a wide range of treatments including implant assisted dentures and precision partial dentures. Denture wearers across Bristol, Avon, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire have benefitted from this team approach.

Neil and Nick have recently completed their first “Same Day Teeth” implanted fixed arch of teeth. The true to life look of the teeth and high quality technical ability displayed by the whole team, left the patient amazed and delighted with the finished result. The treatment was completed in a one-day procedure with an immediate loading concept that avoided the need for multiple appointments.

Neil Gerrard said:

“A fixed arch of bone anchored replacement teeth can be cared for just like natural teeth. The teeth fit the natural contours of the mouth and the palate is completely uncovered. The patient said it felt like a row of real teeth and they now no longer need to remove a denture after meals or at nighttime”

The dawn of 2013 is an exciting time for Changing Face Bristol as they grow their ‘highly delighted’ patient list while they continue to offer the highest standards in patient care and technical expertise coupled with a quality that is hard to match.

“Just to say a huge thank you to Nick for his kind and prompt treatment of my 90 year old mum. His gentle and understanding approach was just what she needed and she is delighted with the result. Many thanks and Happy Xmas to you all”

New Year, New Locations, New Faces and New Smiles!

December 14th, 2012

2013 is already looking very exciting with the New Year beginning with the opening of many more Changing Faces Denture Clinics across the UK. We would like to extend a warm welcome to the first of our New Year colleagues Clinical Dental Technician, Mark Melbourne who has just made Changing Faces, Warwick his new home!

Professional Clinical Dental Technician Mark Melbourne

“After working with Changing Faces Clinical Dental Technician Marc Northover on a one on one mentorship and developing what it takes to be part of Changing Faces it has enlightened me in what we can achieve as professional Clinical Dental Technicians.

Changing Faces is more than just a name. It is transforming patients preconceptions about dentistry. Our patients are encouraged to take their care into their own hands and to seek the best treatments. Far more emphasis than ever before is being placed on the role of technology in providing higher standards of patient care. So much information is available from Changing Faces for patients to gain more knowledge, so that they begin to make decisions that help them obtain the best care. The level of care, professionalism and passion that we can dedicate as Clinical Dental Technicians to our patients is exceptional and I’m looking forward to bringing this ethos to Changing Faces, Warwick and joining the team at Cape Road Dental Practice. I’ll be working as part of amazing team that has youth, drive and knowledge that push the boundaries of dentistry to provide patients with excellence in dental care.

A New Year, working within an inspirational dental practice, being a part of a group of the best Clinical Dental Technicians in the country, 2013 I cannot wait”!

Book your fee New Year mini consultation and experience the difference for yourself. Call: 01926 870238

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