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Roddy Patterson

Changing Faces® Denture Clinic in Nottingham is managed by Clinical Dental Technician, Roddy Patterson. Roddy is a very experienced Clinical Dental Technician, having worked in dentistry for over thirty years. He has a Diploma with Honours in Clinical Dental Technology from George Brown College in Toronto Canada and is also a graduate from the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Roddy is well known for his standard of denture work and with every client he aims to create the most natural looking dentures. He also brings a wealth of experience as a Dental Technician having been fortunate to work with some of the East Midlands leading Dentists, learning everything about dentures there is to know. Roddy's expertise upholds the Changing Faces® core values, helping us to succeed in even the most challenging aspects of our work.

Working closely with his colleagues, Roddy delivers truly exceptional levels of denture care and craftsmanship. During complimentary consultations, he begins by discussing personal requirements, and explaining the different denture types, so that patients can make an informed choice about their treatment. Many people find they need dentures as they go through life. Denture wearers can have difficulty speaking or eating well and their whole appearance may be affected with sagging facial muscles that make them look older.

Roddy believes there is a better way, with the look of the Changing Faces® dentures he creates being influenced by your age, personality and gender, an innovative approach offered by Changing Faces® called Denture Genics®. As well as restoring your smile, the Changing Faces® complete dentures Roddy provides will also offer a dual effect by correcting the proportions of your face adding volume so you achieve a more natural, youthful look.

Further treatments offered by Roddy and his team at Changing Faces® also include a wide range or partial dentures, and implant retained dentures for those patients that have problems with loose dentures. For partial denture wearers, Dentists at the clinic undertake thorough dental health checks and treat the causes of gum disease and tooth decay, ensuring that Roddy's Changing Faces® patients have a healthy mouth for their replacement partial dentures.

Kalpesh Bohara

The clinic also offers Changing Faces implant-retained dentures. These dentures are ideal for patients who want to speak and smile more confidently and eat what they want without having to think twice about their teeth. Roddy works alongside highly skilled Implant Dentist Kalpesh Bohara in order to provide implant-retained dentures. Kalpesh has an Implant Dentistry Diploma and is a member of the Faculty of Dental Surgeons at Edinburgh’s Royal College of Surgeons. As well as this, he is certified in Advanced Restorative Dentistry at the distinguished Eastman Dental Institute.

Both Roddy and Kalpesh are regular attendees of postgraduate courses, in order to strengthen their knowledge and keep at the top of the field of Clinical Dental Technology and Implant Dentistry.


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